Aaron Kelly and Michael Lynche Don't Suck on American Idol

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Due to a medical emergency involving Crystal Bowersox, the men were forced to switch nights with the ladies this week on American Idol.

We guess we could chalk up the number of poor performances to this scheduling switch... if so many guys had not also been lackluster last Wednesday evening.

While a handful of semifinalists stood out, we wouldn't complain if any of the bottom half of contestants listed below got voted out. Here's how we'd rank this week's male contenders:

  1. Aaron Kelly: Granted, "My Girl" is a fun, easy song to sing for anyone with a good voice. But Aaron showed impressive range and confidence for a 16-year old.
  2. Michael Lynche: Might have to be known for more than his physique and personality know. Fantastic song choice with a James Brown classic.
  3. Casey James: The judges may say it's a singing competition, but his electric guitar will help James go far. So will his looks.
  4. Lee DeWyze:We hate to agree with Kara, but it's true: we could imagine Lee on the radio right this very instant.
  5. Andrew Garcia: That rendition of "Straight Up" is coming back to hurt him. No performance since has compared.
  6. Alex Lambert: We weren't nearly as impressed as the judges. He may not have vomited before performing this week, but is that the standard we're going by now?
  7. Todrick Hall: The best of the worst. We'll give him points again for at least trying something different.
  8. John Park: Ellen said she likes his look. The guy wears a t-shirt and... is Asian? We're not sure what Ellen means.
  9. Jermaine Sellers: Says he'll stick around because "I know God." Loved Simon's response: Then there's no need for anyone to call in for you, right?
  10. Tim Urban: Seems like a very nice guy. But simply isn't a very good singer.

Take your pick, vote our any of the final four and we'll be happy. But we'd send Sellers and Urban packing. How about you?

Below, we've posted performance photos of all 10 semifinalists. Click on each to enlarge and choose your favorite...

Michael Lynche Pic
Aaron Kelly Image
Jermaine Sellers Performance
Urban, Tim
Garcia, Andrew
The Other Lambert
Electric Performance
Park, John

...oh yeah and I forgot about the other fat black guy that didn't make anywhere...Ruben


I just had to get this off my chest as I watched in shock last night another one of FoX's people mind manipulation. Are you kidding me Michael Lynch a great singer??? that guys should not even be in top 12. But just like they did with Fantasia and the guy with white hair (you can tell how big he made it I can't even remember his name) they are (for unknown reasons) promoting another guy that will have no future in the music industry.
I watch this show from the very first beginning and I only voted for Carrie Underwood (not that there were no other good contestants) and look how far she made it...compering to Fantasia.
My favorites Lee and Didi.


I think if 'Idol' brings in Adam Lambert to mentor things will improve. Everyone seems so nervous, and that can affect your ability to sing. I like Casey James the most. He is gorgeous, has a unique voice, and the way that he plays that guitar is unbelievable! The judges are wrong about him leaving the guitar out of his performances. That gives him the edge, and makes him stand out. That is how he distinguishes himself from the others, and it works. I know the judges want a girl to win this season, but they need to be less obvious about it. After all of the questionable tactics that went on last season with the voting system, they can't afford to make it appear that they are 'doing it' again.


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