You Tell 'Em, Adam Lambert!

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Yet another reason to heart Adam Lambert...


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    Haha, this is soo funny!!
    I love it :)


    Unbelievable that they don't have somebody to do this for him, where are the managers of these venues, handlers, security, ANYBODY to help him, he should not have to do this himself.


    Adam was as great and stop on as always.



    Hey sadie shey, after your done eating your oppossum, and picking the sinew from your one tooth, there's just something I want you to know. Adam was taping a show for television. These people won free tickets knowing this. They were so lucky to be there for this intimate show with Adam. If you, and that twit want to talk on your phone go do it in the john.


    This is just another reason why we love Adam so much! Everyone else wanted to tell her to shut the f**K up, and once again Adam is the own with the balls to do it.


    well..... all im sayin is come on adam... your no carry underwood, or lady gaga. ANOTHER WORDS dont act like a drama queen... if you were half as a singer as those 2 ladys. which im guessing you would compare yourself to a woman anywho... you would have the right to stop your gig or what ever you would call that hand full of an audience.....


    I love the fair support that THG always gives to Adam, it's really refreshing to see. I'm so glad Adam said that to that girl because it shut up the whole audience and then they were able to record a STUNNING acoustic version of "Whataya Want From Me" that is breathtakingly beautiful. If you listen to the videos before this happened there was so much chatter and singing along that was very rude and distracting.


    Thank you for reporting this fairly accurately. (Why did I even click on TMZ and give them a hit?! Trash). The phone girl apparently called in to Elvis Duran this morning, on internet I think if you care to investigate further. But regardless, if you really look at this scenario, she was VERY audible, VERY. Nobody PAID btw to get in, just FYI. Lambert was actually quite polite and tried to lessen the severity w/ humor - but he knows it's being taped and seemed as though he felt he had to intervene for that purpose alone - and regardless if anyone made an announcement about the taping or not - a guy w/ a professional/industry grade camera is visible in the internet clips, so obviously the concert goers could figure it out! I'm trying to cut the woman some slack - but geez, wake up and smell the coffee dear... she was VERY loud even on internet clips and the venue and circumstances were pretty obvious - just can't give her a break, sorry. But again, Lambert was no diva about it at all.


    Thank you for not bashing Adam for speaking up. I could never imagine using a phone during an intimate concert like that. Very glad she didn't take what he said the wrong way. Way to go Adam :)


    As always, Adam keeps it real. That's why we love him so. He's polite but forthright!! Such a huge talent. He truly is a phenomenon!

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