World Wonders: Lady Gaga Have Man Parts?

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It's a question that surfaced last summer and continues to confound the masses: Does Lady Gaga have man parts? In other words, is she a hermaphrodite?

Video filmed at the UK's Glastonbury festival, coupled with her androgynous act and suggestive lyrics, gave birth to the hermaphrodite rumors in August.

Gaga For New Year's

As a blog that reports celebrity news and gossip 24/7, we've certainly heard crazier rumors. But what's really surprising is the staying power of this one.

Perhaps that's how she wants it. Speaking coyly on the topic with Barbara Walters last month, Gaga acknowledged that androgyny is part of her appeal.

Now, following her eye-opening performance at Sunday night's Grammy Awards, the question is once again front and center: Is fair Lady Gaga part man?

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Does Lady Gaga really have man parts?


Even I 100% Female Who Cares About Sex?!


She Is Not 100% Man She Is 100% Girl




What the F*** Gaga!!!!! What is your problem? Did anybody pull down your pants and see your vigina or is it a lie? I liked your muisc because i thought you were cool. I don't care about you being bie but being a gay dude or should i say "heshe!!" So say goodbye to your career after this. Your muisc and crap will e bye bye!


shes not a man


I've never been with a man, I've always known I was gay, sinse I was 12, but it would'nt matter if she were a horm. or not I love her anyway. I grew up in atl caberet with dragqeen's, it's just nice to see a "female" (and a fine one at that) its nice seeing a female doing what glamrock/caberet entertainment for once. The gay community has been starving for this so bad. This women's IQ has got to be borderline genius. She's doing somthing that should've been done year's ago. We are so lucky to have someone especially a woman to be doing this. It's like a drug of freakness thag I KNOW I CRAVE.... I love knowing I wasn't the only one in schpol dreaming of boy george. Shes filling a hole that has been in the lesbian community for year's. She just has the pipes to do somthing about it. THANK GOD FOR HER, AND GOD BLESS HER AND HER FAMILY. Other than that, what else is there to say? Im gratful for her and her talent.


You are a disgusting pervert and every parent hates your and your trash. You are one of the most hated performers amongst parents, your message and politics are disgusting and wrong and we have to fight scum like off our kids while you think its a joke to pervert young minds and you have the nerve to do this form money you pig! You are a cancer and a pig! You make money spreading misery to parents everywhere with your foul disgusting no talent crap. Die in a fir - please, OD on something. You are a freak, making tons of money does not mean you are not a freak, and it does not mean most honest law abiding tax paying people don't have your guts for trying to destroy our children with your toxic slime..


xxbeetlejuicexx..stop with your feminist crap.typical fat american woman probably.....Lady Gaga looks like a man period...maybe you do too..


I don't really care man or not she's is cool and I don't care if she's even a little bit every body shoodn't care.



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