Will a New Baby Save Brangelina?

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Just when you think you've heard everything, Life & Style sets another low (high?) in celebrity gossip reporting. Kudos to that fine supermarket publication.

Apparently, the rough patch encountered by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is about to come to an end, for one very cute, cuddly reason: Brangelina Baby #7!

That's right! "Brad confirms" (no he doesn't) that "another kid" is on the way (likely for his barber and his wife) in the new issue of this reputable tabloid.

To think that just weeks ago, he was in love with Jennifer Aniston again. This guy makes some quick turnarounds regarding relationships and parenting.

A Baby to Save the Marriage!

A baby will bring them closer together ... the first six didn't?

Things like this particular story may be harmless enough, but do make you wonder how people buy these magazines or at least take them seriously in any way.

Some of the more serious, slanderous allegations made over Brad and Angelina's love life in recent weeks have actually resulted in a lawsuit by the hot couple.

In news about them that's actually true, Angelina Jolie is awesome. She's visiting Haiti and donating obscene sums of money to their earthquake relief efforts.

Bravo, Angie.


brad needs to go back to jen!!!!!! angies lips are nasty if you look close she looks like a man!!


Brangelina is hot. Angelina is pretty , beautiful person.


Sure they expect some attention.....dhoh. But theres attention and then theres psycho obsession. The attention these 2 attract along with the long suffering Ms Aniston is completely out of pespective. The amount of clearly fabricated articles (that nutcases like bladyO take as gospel), have run for 5 years.....5 tiresome years !!!!!!


who cares? this couple is old and pathetic. they have to parade around their children to get any sort of positive publicity.


You should sue this tabloid cause its brainwash you and you keep reading this lies and believing is true.
ITs a big lie and they will continue to do it cause they are lossing the subscribtion.
Without Angie or Brad names nobody will read it but you are brainwash.
Yeah, there turn are coming , he, he.....

Free britney

blady02 has just made history for using the word "proof" in response to an article in Life & Style Weekly. The only thing this article proves is that the publication needs some fresh writing talent. Less Brangelina, more Robsten!


@blady02: isn't this enough?!? It's a supermarket tabloid cover story without a single, non-anonymous quote or piece of factual information. As we wrote about yesterday: even if you somehow choose to believe Angelina only donates to causes for the tax write-offs, how is this not preferable to NOT donating at all?


Isn't this proof enough that she uses children to her own sick twisted manipulation. You don't buy or have children to save anything! She is such a mental breakdown! The only reason she donates and goes to places of need is to write it off as taxes and perpetuate her HOLIE Jolie image! We are just not that stupid and I will never pay to see her or Pittiful in another movie! I am so sick of them, please go away! Somebody interview little Shiloh about what she thinks of gathering children like puppies!

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