Whitney Port: Dating Ben Nemtin!

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Whitney Port hasn't been lucky in love since moving from The Hills to The City (and thus LA to NYC). First there was Jay Lyon. Then Freddie Fackelmayer.

Tools. Particularly the latter.

Well, if recent rumors are true, things might finally be looking up. Whitney Port has a new love interest and he's the star of an MTV reality show as well!

It's The Situation!


Seriously, she and Ben Nemtin of The Buried Life are dating. "I've kind of been hanging out with Whitney when I am in New York," he told Ryan Seacrest.

Ben Nemtin is the new boyfriend of Whitney Port. Unless this is just a PR stunt for The Buried Life, which would totally not surprise us even a little. That said, cute couple!

Asked him whether the two were dating, Ben responded that they had just met and once again added that they hung out whenever he was in New York.

Sources say they are hanging out as more than friends, though, and Whitney Port certainly has been tweeting a lot about The Buried Life these days.

Makes you think!

"If U love dancing as much as I do watch @theburiedlife compete in a krump competition on mtv U guys better teach me your moves," Whitney wrote.

Sounds like confirmation to us! You better be good to our girl Ben Nemtin. You better be on The City, too, since MTV already has you under contract.


whitney is very nice


this wouldn't be a PR stunt, the Buried life guys are too down to earth, they don't do stuff like that. Ben and Whitney probably just actually like eachother.


Totally cute couple! I love Ben and I love Whitney! The Buried Life rules and so does The City. Good job, Whit. He's a hottie!


Fuck off stupid assholes,, Withney Port is freaking hot sweet smart and cute,, if you dont see that as a girl than you must be very jealous, and if you dont see that as boy, than sorry but you might think twice about yourself,,, I can not believe that people are saying that she is ugly,,, ,, hahahaahha you are soo freaking stupid ,,, people in europe would love her,, i love her,, people in america are all about fake boobs, fake lips etc.... but she is much more than that,, natural beauty,,, If you dont like her than fuck off,,




I saw them at the Coachella Fest 2010 :D


lol... over-obsessive women much?


i think they made a cute couple but...wasn't he the same guy that wanted to meet megan fox on his mtv show so he could ask her out on a date bc she was the hottest girl on earth? I'm sorry but when the guy you're dating likes megan fox( who is the total opposite of girl like whitney) I dunno if it will work out. If he thinks megan fox is beautiful, I don't know how he could like whitney who looks wise looks totally different( although personally alot better).


ben you can do SOOOO much better.
she's uglyy !
btw ben.
you're hot.


whitney isnt really a celeb though she got her start just like him


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