Whitney Houston Humiliates Herself in Concert

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Remember when Whitney Houston was an incredible singer with a slew of number-one hits?

If were born after 1992, the answer is probably: Whitney who?!?

The crooner is attempting a comeback this year, performing a number of concerts in Australia. Following a stop in Brisbane this week, however, the tour is off to a worse start than last week's Tiger Woods' press conference.

Thousands of fans walked out in the middle of the show, after Houston humilated herself with the following version of "I Will Always Love You." In between coughing fits and flat notes, a back up singer actually sung the high parts. Amazing. Depressing...

How does Andrew McManus, Whitney's tour manager, defend his client, who has an entire European tour ahead of her this spring?

By admitting she's totally washed up, but trying really, really hard.

"[She] is now up on stage, warts and all, presenting herself like an open book for the world to see," McManus said. "If they expected to hear the Whitney of 20 years ago, go buy a CD. If they want to see a true professional artist give 100%, come along and enjoy the ride of an amazing talent, on stage, letting her heart and soul out."

She's also letting a lot of phlegm out in the clip above. Houston should probably get that checked out.


I am so hurt that people have the nerve to judge anyone elses life ,who are we to judge when we too have made mistakes worse in our lives or hurt some one that we care about ,whitney houston was a great performer and i say let her rest in peace cause shame on you the day your the one on the other side ...she is in a better place ,,,,,just remember that ...what if it was you on the other side


If she would just quit drugs and booze and clean up her life, she could get well again and still live a long life. The human body is remarkably sturdy and able to heal itself if given a chance. She may never be able to perform again as a singer, but she could still have a happy rest of her life if she gave herself the opportunity to. I pray for her every day.


First let me aplogize for any grammatical errors in my last and present statement. You know we do not have all the answers because we are not God. What I will say is that time heals everything Whitney made grown up choices when she was with Mr Brown, and the consequences could be her career. We do make mistakes the only way to fix them is owning up to the part you play in a situation. Whitney please stop humiliating yourself, your family, and your fans. Let us remember your voice the way it sounded you are an amazing performer, and it is okay to leave it to the younger folks as my granny would say. I do not mean any disrespect I just do not want you subjected to the ridicule. Stay prayed up Gods is going to fix the situation you can't do it by yourself. We Love you Whitney be blessed.


I agree she is a mess it is what it is. There is no since in sugar coating it. Whitney is putting on a circus show. Her tongue is so numb from crack she can't even pick it up to hit a note. I am going to keep it 100 percent real she need to stay off that stage if she wants to leave the business with a little dignity. My advice you have sold enough records to ge inducted into the hall of fame, secondly get someone to dedicate you a star in hollywood, and third bow out gracefully admit yourself in Betty Ford Center stay under the radar like Diana Ross. We will be alright fix you honey while the jury is still out on your drug habits. You shined , and Lord knows things happen I just offering advice.


She is a mess! Who would pay money (and I mean big money!!!) her concerns are not cheap to see that??? NOT ME...


Whitney is just the best and will ever be the best.
She is human and we all make errors in our life. Let her being a normal person, away from glamour and artificial life, let her live with everyone she loves, her daughter her friends.
She will do it with all our support. Thanking her for all the songs and her tremendous voice. If I could I would really like to help her.


she doesn't have to live off of people's comments she has her higher power.


first of all she is always in the lime-light, if you were in the lime-light with your business i wonder how would you as public would act, i take my hate off to her for bearing her soul, because first of all she doesn't have too, so the public should appreciate that, and i feel she can still sing. if you don't have anything good to say about a person you should just shut up, and examine yourself, take the log out of your own eye, before you try to take the spek out of someone else's eye. on the real


Im 13 years old and im in love with whitney houston. She is a human and human make mistakes all the time. Whitney is a celebrity yes.. but that doesnt mean anything. Just give her a chance.. Whitney can do it and she wasnt meant to break. God will bring her out of this bad time and bring her to the light of day. Whitney will overcome.. Im a firm beliver in this and will always belive in Whitney. She IS my rolemodel and will always be.. No matter what..


Crack has not been kind to her lungs, or any other part of her body. You can hear people laughing at her. Totally washed up. She lied to Oprah - Whitney's done smoked her knees off.

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