When Miley Looks at Liam: New Video Released

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Dear YouTube: Please do not remove the following video.

It's the official music video for "When I Look at You," the latest single from Miley Cyrus. Off the soundtrack for The Last Song, the tune plays like a real-life look into Miley's relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

The two characters get together in the movie and, though Miley is yet to admit it publicly, the two actors have gotten together in real life.

How serious is their relationship? Sources say Cyrus and Hemsworth might get engaged. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. For now, just enjoy the video:


kinda like u Michelle???
just a thought....


believe me Miley will never get married. Shes already used up. NO decent man will ever want her.


why u sayin new video relese this vid has been out for lyk ages 3 month maybe more


we will need tae just wait i mean u dont get engaged in that space of time give in a while [a good few years maybe more] then wait and see


there really cute together xoxo but listen to this : Miley Cyrus has denied engagement rumors with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. The 17-year-old has fuelled wedding speculation after she was spotted out and about in LA on Thursday wearing a rock on her left hand. However, her rep has quashed rumors, telling fans, “Miley's not engaged.� The Hannah Montana star and the Aussie actor, 19, met on the set of their upcoming movie The Last Song.


good video girl but miley dont marry to young you get bored and then break up


Beautiful work Miley...I don't know if you wrote this,but---it was nice and deep like I hope you write...When I see things like this that really reach-out and in to someone,I still can't help but wonder how anyone can find negative things to say about you...I guess I'll never see-it...And,hell---I don't ever want to...Keep on shining,angel---Just Like This...I'm feeling so damn good from this,that---I ain't even payin' ANY attention to all the Hater's right now(which is sayin' a lot,cause most of the time--they truly aggravate me to no end,hear? Ha,ha! You know who you are)...Think I'll go watch this one more time before I roll-out...Later;Hollywood...


for_real_tho ..dis personz rite....i mean..popularity brings negative publicity..have u media ever posted ny gud thing bout miley...??even if its derr...i don believe ya nymore..


you idiots are so full of shit....first you say he lives with her, which was proven to be a lie...now your "sources" say she may get engaged to this guy....when? in about 5-10 years??? lol...seriously, can't you at least come up with a slightly believable anti-Miley rumor??? pitiful


A billion dollar superstar getting married at age 17 at the height of her career? Dumbest move she could ever make.


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