Welcome to the World, Baby Free Britney!

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Move over, Mason Dash.

Step aside, Hank IV.

Tiger and Charlie Woods

Sorry, Vida Alves.

There's a new, adorable baby in our celebrity gossip world and his name is Benjamin Stephen.

Indeed, blogger "Free Britney" welcomed the first baby into the THG family this weekend, as his wife gave birth to a son last night.

After a long labor, everyone is doing well and resting comfortably, while Free Britney laments the fact his child shares a birthday with former Lindsay Lohan boy toy Calum Best and drunken bank robber Rip Torn.

Forget Kourtney and Kendra: Send in your best wishes to Free Britney and his new family today!

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As of 2005 Elan Woods knew full well of Tiger's roaming eye. Overheard conversation between her and a friend concerning that subject while Tiger was at his Orthopedic doctor's in Las Vegas. Not a big Tiger fan but tired of the ex playing victim.


if i could have another child w/any woman in the world i would choose Brittany!


Welcome Back!!


Well, Britney.what I say to your new career in In ", Action Packed Movie, for the new Generation. Which you was in ", Crossroads", everyone has a storey to be-built from scratch using your words good eye of creative-work,! New music lyrics, you already have goodie's of you're own clothing, key-rings,USB Flash-Drives, maybe a . B, Britney-Laptops,brand-names:much more products in the near future, Sorry, I am too old for you!!


kendra baby is cute kourtney baby looks weird


To: Benjamin Stephen,
All the Joys of your entrance into "life's blessings".
Many have been told of your arrival,and you have made your parents proud.Sleep, eat,nap,and get held often, just enjoy being a baby.All the best to you,and Family!!!




Congrats -- a little sad you didn't go with Tiger for the name and set him up to be a playaaa


Wonderful news! May she bring much joy into your lives.


hey congrats!

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