Weatherman Reports Nine Inches of Snow, Self

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Massachusetts meteorologist Pete Bouchard raised some eyebrows last week while giving viewers a rundown on snowfall totals in various Bay State municipalities.

“In Princeton, we picked up 9 inches of snow, Billerica had 7,” he began.

“The biggest amount that I could find … almost as big as me,” Bouchard said as he stepped closer to the camera, shifting his eyes sideways, “About nine inches.”

Uhhhh ...

Chris Wayland, his employer and Channel 7 General Manager, chalked it up to a (huge!) misunderstanding and technical difficulty with the weatherman's monitor.

“When he was looking at his monitor, he was cut in half and he thought that’s what was happening over the air,” Wayland said. “To imply that’s what his comment was, what people are suggesting, is ridiculous. He would never do that."

Do you buy that explanation? Or was this guy pulling a Robin from How I Met Your Mother and saying ridiculous $h!t on the air just to see if people are watching?

Either way, it's pretty hilarious and we're kind of jealous.

Of the snow, that is. We enjoy skiing.


We live in Boston and Pete's our household's main guy for weather info. While he can be goofy at times (which is why we like to watch him...I mean, it can get pretty boring talking about snow and the other inevitable youcky weather that we have here!), he seems waaayy too straightlace to have meant to say it with THAT meaning.


Come on, he MUST have known what he was saying. Nobody is THAT dense. That's fucking funny. LOL


I live in the Boston area, and as B.S. as the general manager's explanation sounds, I think it's true. Pete Bouchard is just not the type to make a sexual comment like least not on camera


LOL. I saw this on the soup. least he made the weather funny...and that is no easy task.