Tony Romo and Candice Crawford: Dating, Possibly Getting Engaged Soon

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He already took a big step in life by winning a playoff game (singular) this year. Could the Dallas Cowboys quarterback be stepping it up off the field too?

Rumors are swirling again that Tony Romo and Candice Crawford, who were linked last year, are not just dating again, but ready to walk down the aisle.

Back in December, Candice Crawford was spotted sporting something shiny and diamond-like on her finger, but colleagues shot down engagement rumors.

However, friends close to the Dallas power couple are now saying that Tony and Candice, sister of Gossip Girl star Chace, really are getting that serious.

Candice Crawford Bikini Picture

Tony Romo is pumped about Candice Crawford. Deservedly so!

"Tony's ready to make the next step," a friend of the hunky QB tells E! about the cute former Miss Missouri and current Dallas-area sports journalist.

"They'll move in together," adds the sports (and relationship) insider, "because he's telling friends he's most likely going to pop the question... soon."


Perhaps Tony has learned from past, public courtships with Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson that he should keep things a bit more under wraps.

We applaud that ... as well as his taste in women. Well, looks-wise. Jessica was kinda painful by the end, which was a big reason why he dumped her.


All I have to say is who the h*ll is Tony Romo and/or for that fact Candice Crawford and who cares anyway.


i don't think it will happen because he'll do the same like he did with carrie and jessica slpt with her


Tony Romo is an average QB at best,and it doesn't matter who he's dating. The guy seeks celebrity more then he wants chamionships on the field, FACE IT!! This year the Cowboys are losing,and Tony Romo is having the worst year of his pro career,even before the injury. Somewhere Jessica Simpson must be saying,"At least,they can't blame this season on me."


this dude should just concentrate on football.
dude maybe you should do one thing at a time cuz it is obvious you cant date and play football at the same. time.


um no, sorry he is really dating her, and they are darling together.


also, all the girls that are JEALOUS, get real, dont be upset cuz he dont want u, n the other girls that are cool with this, u got game


why does she have to be pregnant for them to get married, if he's too painful to watch, then dont watch him, that simple, people who are hating need to get a life


Dont hate on Tony Romo because u know u cant get a man like him.


Tony Romo deserves to get married if he wants he can get any girl he wants because he is hot.


Nobody is forcing you to watch him silly. If you dont like Tony, why follow his every move? Silly you. Why not spend your energy on someone that you do like? Heres a suggestion so you you wont get pains again, if theres an article on Tony Romo and his women, SKIP IT. lol now theres a thought.

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