TLC Kicks Jon Gosselin to the Curb

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Despite settling its lawsuit with Jon Gosselin and retaining his services legally and exclusively, TLC does not want the douche back on the air anytime soon.

Or at all.

TLC’s parent company sued Jon for breaching his contract and won a preliminary injunction against him in late 2009 before the two sides settled this week.

While the issue of whether or not to bring back Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been discussed internally at TLC, the one component that everyone agrees on is this:


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SMOKED: Jon has been by TLC. [Photo:]

“TLC is done with Jon. They have him under contract still, but they don’t plan to use him,” a source dished, although it remains unclear if / how Jon & Kate Plus 8 (or just Kate Plus 8) will still be brought back in some capacity.

“The show could come back as a series of specials,” the source said. “It made the network a lot of money.” Especially after Jon began railing Deanna Hummel.

At least in the immediate future, however, the network has no plans to bring the show back right now, and is focusing instead on Kate Gosselin’s new show.

Jon? He's got nothing going on. Terms were confidential, but the lawsuit settlement likely bars him from making money via other entertainment channels.

We just feel bad for Morgan Christie. She's dating Jon for publicity, and between this and general lack of interest in him, it looks like he's going to get less.


If Kate would have treated Jon like a human being instead of always belittling him,they would still be a family.Kate left fame go to her head. Both should wise up & act like mature people,instead of children.


What a loser!!! You know he only wants custody so he doesn't have to get a real job and come up with child support payments. He's taken away her income by refusing to let the kids be on the show - then he begrudges her making income in other ways. What's his problem? It's not like she can flip burgers and support that family.


and as far as team jon you must be a loser too, if you think he could be a better job,your nuts you need a job to take care of a job of raising kids i guess you have kids that you dont pay for
loser team jon


first jon wants to try and get the kids ,is that the only way he can get money now is from kate too bad for the kids both parents are losers but jon is a bigger loser then kate. try getting a job jon in stead of sponging off everyone you touch and grow a dick


TEAM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leave Kate and the kids to live a normal life. If and when Kate goes back on TV. whether it be solo or with specials of her and the kids, support her and children, after all she is a single mom and on her own with not l or 2 but 8. At least she is working or trying to support self and children, more then I can say for about half of the peoples out there. Blessings to her and her little ones................I love them.............he's a lost soul at this time...........when he does turn it around, he will realize what he did and really regret it!!!!


Unbelievable!! BOTH parents are greedy fame mongers with no morals!! What happened to family values, honoring their marriage vows, being kind to one another, Christian values?! Their BOTH liars!!! What about the poor children? Who really cares about their privacy and emotional well being? Too bad they don't have a guardian at lidem to help protect them from their parents.


Just leave those poor children alone, TLC. They have a right to a childhood outside the glare of the media


Good for TLC who cares about Jon Gosslin! Let him go to work like most men do for a living to support his children.


And good riddance....


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