Tiger Woods Press Conference: Golfer "Deeply Sorry"; Headed Back to Therapy; Return Unknown

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Tiger Woods held a press conference moments ago, speaking in public for the first time since his secret life of tawdry sexual liaisons was exposed in late November.


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    Jesus, a bit of perspective please. Of course it was scripted and wooden, he had to give a freakin public apology,(over a private matter that aint anybody's business except him and his wife). Put yourself in his position, when you've done something really fucked up and had too apologise it probably wasn't in a room full of people and cameras taking your apology out there to millions of people. He ain't no actor and besides, however he delivered his apology he would have been critizsed. He has manned up and apologised and now his priority, as he made clear, is Elin and his family. Heroes do fall from grace and I for one believe in the powers of redemption.....its time to give this a rest.


    What Tiger does is his own business, but he did it 'cause some people in this world don't have a life of their own. Tiger didn't need to make a public apology, the only one he had to asnwer to was his family and the Man upstairs. There are many people in this world in the same situation as Tiger, you don't see it publicized 'cause making apologese don't apply to just anyone when your broke and no one knows you. And of course, no matter what Tiger say or do some people won't be satidfied.


    Tiger needs to kick back and tango with some ass again! 'nuff said with all this bs. Play ball!


    Who are we to say what someone should say or do when they apologize? What matters is the desire to make amends. Tiger is working his steps and his program. Leave him alone and clean your own glass house.

    Circus Maximus: bring on the lions. Evolve please.


    I don't see why Tiger had to apologise to anyone. This apology should be only to his wife and family. The remarks I have read here are far worse than Tigers womanising. I think you people need to take a look at your failed lives and clean out your mouths. I am more disgusted with you lot than Tiger.


    How many other celebrities have affairs including politicians while married? It happens often enough but because it is Tiger Woods the world has condemned him. It was a good speech and now he will learn that he has to face the consequences of his actions and the road ahead will be very difficult.
    Elin will likely never forgive him or even sleep with him but there are children involved and sometimes one has to make the best of a bad situation. If it does not work out, then she will leave him. Let time take its course and see what will happen.


    Lets give him time to recoverf and to amend his mistakes..Time will tell if it works or not...Hopefully...he is sincere into his statements and be aware of the things that surrounds him...I cannot say anythig until the time that he fully recovered and to change his not good way of life into a changed person...Only him can make it and can move for a change...


    Not a fan of tiger nor golf, but I'm aware that he was number one, man, sincere or not, cheater or not, I just pity him so much. One day he was glorified now mortified...
    I dunno, and no one is giving him a chance, I mean no one forgave chris brown...
    Ppl make mistakes, but this is like slapping a child's'ass for a mistake. I know what he did was a HUGE mistake but, can't help but feel sorry.
    I think she should get out of publicity now. Really wanna see him back on the fields. Such a waste of talent..


    Well what did you idiots expect him to do? Grovel on the ground crying like a Baby? Get over it already, time to move on... The only ones he need to apologize to is his family, no need to apologize to me, didn't hurt my life in anyway...How lame some of you people are...


    So Tiger Woods has finally addressed his mistakes, and said

    sorry. But do you think this will do? At the end of the day

    Tiger Woods is a human just like everyone else, even though

    I feel its going to take some time for this media freenzy to

    calm down I think he should have some privacy to work

    things out with his family and friends.

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