Tiger Woods' Move-in Attempt: Rejected By Elin!

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Embattled golfer Tiger Woods wanted to move back in with his estranged wife, Elin Nordegren only to be denied by the Swedish stunner, according to reports.

“Tiger wants her to move back home with him but so far she has said no,” a source close to the situation said. “She’s not ready. She just doesn’t trust him.”

Elin Nordegren, Children

Funny how that works when you had 12 different mistresses. That we know of. The alleged Tiger Woods sex tape bandits aren't even included in that tally!

Elin has adjusted to life without Tiger, sources say.

She's fully content spending time with their two small children and displaying no sign of the stress that had been a constant before his affairs came to light.

The ball is in Elin Woods' court - and she's in no hurry.

Tiger recently returned from sex addiction rehab at Gentle Path in Hattiesburg, Miss. Elin Woods took part in his treatment, and called off her divorce lawyer.

The divorce lawyer was told weeks ago not to file papers while Elin is thinking things over. While doing so, it's hard not to think about a dozen waitresses.

As of right now, things are very much on the rocks as the couple has been living apart, and she has not committed to returning to married life with Tiger.

He's clearly doing what he can to try and salvage the marriage, no matter how terrible his position is. But can he? What do you think Elin Woods should do?

Elin Woods should ...


She needs time to heal for sure. Tiger is delusional to think 2 months in rehab is gonna be enough. It will take a lot of time and patience. But I believe Elin is willing to give him another chance otherwise she would have filed for divorce a long time ago.
It's up to Tiger to do everything he can to regain his wife's trust. If he really wants to repair his relationship he has to put his utmost efforts in it.
I suggest him to make a public apology to her and his family : that would be a smart start !!!


She needs time to heal. I only got cheated on with one sex worker a year ago (although I did get dumped for her) and I'm still not over that. To have been cheated on with at least 12 women...I cannot imagine the pain she's going through. Everyone needs to ease up on her and stop pressuring her to get back with Tiger. Do the kids really need to see that Daddy can treat Mummy like shit and get away with it?


plus I agree with you wctw. Why should Tiger give a statement. I believe that the media is making him pay for not coming out talking about these affairs. However, what can he really say?


I believe that Elin is still very very hurt. However she is willing to give Tiger another chance, but has to work through somethings. She is the only one that really knows what the truth is. We are just hearing watered down, made up falsehoods everyday.


I just hope Elin will be able to heal to fully give their marriage a chance. They still deserve to have a second chance. God be with Tiger and give him more patience to win Elin back and prove to her that he is worthy to be trusted again. God be with them and guide them as a family


Elin, is taking the time she needs, no pretending. Tiger also has to accept what she needs to do to heal. Perhaps she has already decided, and is giving Tiger one on one time with his kids, so that they get use to being with him, and when they are with him, she want be with them. Elin, unlike most of the public, knows that relationships, takes more than forgiving, and moving on after 2-3 months. Also if Tiger goes back on Tour, he's ending their marriage, because He's not taking the time to get their relationship to a healthy for both situation. Tiger may want divorce too.


Leave them alone. this is a private matter.
Enough about these rumours. Nobody knows the truth except the people involved.
So please enough is enough...................


I pray that Tiger Woods put and end to this horrid situation and make a public statement. Tiger should tell the world that he is seriously committed to his rehab, his family and his career and then move on with his life. A statement from Tiger will help to stop or diminish malicious rumors and innuendos from the media and the vicious attacks from all those women that are seeking money and revenge from him. I hope he does this soon because this ordeal has caused him and his family enough pain and suffering already.

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