Tiger Woods Mistresses: That Apology Was So Fake!

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Reaction to Tiger Woods' apology speech Friday has so far been mixed. Many fans, sponsors and sports broadcasters have praised the golfer; Many have not.

Joslyn James and Jamie Jungers have more things in common than alliterative names: Both 1. have been railed by Woods; 2. say his mea culpa was bogus.

As far as James is concerned, the porn star who alleges a three-year extramarital affair with Tiger said that his press conference was far from convincing.

Moreover, she feels she has been slandered. Really.

"I would be open to a telephone apology from Tiger," the star of Top Heavy 4 said, accompanied of course by lawyer Gloria Allred. "I did not deserve this."

"An apology should be meaningful, and I didn't hear none of that," she said. "He's so selfish; it's not about anybody but him. It didn't feel like it was real."

Joslyn James Picture

Joslyn James wants Tiger to learn his (dirty!) lesson!

While Allred repeatedly mentioned how much emotional distress Tiger caused Joslyn James, she said she was not planning to file suit against him. Phew!

Meanwhile, another notch on Tiger Woods' list of mistresses was holding a viewing party with reporters: Las Vegas blackjack dealer/model Jamie Jungers.

Let's just say she wasn't moved by the script either.

"That apology is crap," Jungers said. "He's making a sob story to make people sorry for him. I don't feel sorry for him. I’ve seen his emotions when his father died and this was different. I'm not going to call him a liar but... he's playing that card."

The Trashy Lingerie model wasn't done there.

"He's apologizing to these young kids... everybody but the women that were involved in the relationships," says Jungers. "It's hurtful. It's rude. He should have apologized to the mistresses, because we’re dealing with a lot of stuff too."

A poor Tiger mistress just can't get a break, it's true.

Jungers says her relationship with Woods was more than sexual, and she was hoping for Tiger to acknowledge that, although she is not surprised he didn't.

Poor home-wrecker Jamie Jungers wants an apology too!

"It's not one-night stands, it's relationships. When it's a relationship, you're intimate and you share feelings. He could have at least mentioned the women."

"I know he's trying to win his wife back," Jamie Jungers adds. "Of course he's not going to apologize to the women he slept with. It's what I expected."

As for whether Elin Woods should stick with Tiger?

"Once a cheater always a cheater," says Jungers. "Is Elin going to stay with him? I would say no, but I don't have kids with him. He has a lot to prove."

Lastly, regarding her haters, Jamie says, "I'm not a home-wrecking whore. If it was up to me I would have never done it in the first place, but I stupid."

"Of course  feel guilty. I have a heart. But it was years ago. I shouldn't be the one to be blamed for it. He had lied to me about so many things."

Tiger Woods' public apology was ...


One of the saddest messages that these two women are "exposing" is the fact that not only is Tiger no longer "involved" with them,countless available men that might otherwise find these two
"tell it all women" attractive might have second thoughts about approaching them.At some point in their young lives,a single man with good intentions might want to date JJ or JJ,but with their "mouth-almighty and attention needy attitudes" they are going to end up alone,by the phone complaining to anyone who will listen to how they have been dogged by Tiger Woods,and considering the fact that he is married with children,we do not have to know.


Poor Tiger. Pussy whipped by the old lady, hos demanding an apology, sponsors bailing out on the bastard, no more hos in one, a tv appearance than made him look like a fake, maybe he should just hang up his balls and call it a day.


All these shameless women and the attorney are just after their x minutes of fame and publicity... They are so shameless that they will say anything (no matter how ridiculous , no matter how fabricated) in order to have their names and faces circulated around to get noticed for further business... I can understand why the shameless allegedly ex-girlfriends of Tiger operate like this (because they are shameless and hopeless) but I don't understand how come there is a female attorney operating like this ....


These women should apologise to Elin as well as Tiger...Yes, as well as Tiger, because these women are making use of him for their x mins of fame.... Who is that lawyer Gloria ???? Can't imagine there is such attorney ! What exactly does an attorney ??? I do hope Elin and Tiger can prove to such women that despite the world has such shameless women who tried to rock people's marriage, Elin and Tiger can show them that these shameless women were "nothing" because the love between Elin and Tiger win over everything and that God bless the WOODS family as well !!


Yeah right "Snarf", just the girls are the whores and Tiger wasn't? He whored around just like they did. But I bet all those girls he had affairs with did not know about the other ones he was sleeping with so who was the real whore here? Pitiful, self indulgent speech. They all need STD checks as whomever each one of them slept with then they slept with all of them as well! Take the porn star, for instance. If she slept with say 50 guys then Tiger was exposed to those 50 guys and so on.... Eeew! Poor Elin, I bet that was the first thing she did was get herself checked out after learning about his affairs....well maybe the second thing she did after she went at him with that golf club. How fitting!


What a disgrace!!! I have lost all respect for Gloria Allred. I thought that she was a true victim's advocate, but not anymore. This shameless, immoral porn star was selling her body for money. Tiger bought sexual favors from her and paid for them. Everyone knows that she is only interested in getting more money from Tiger with the help of Gloria Allred. I recommend her to get back in business with other customers!


I'm sure as soon as all these so called victims personally apologize to Elin for THEIR part in this, they don't deserve any apology from him.


P.S. As far as feeling slandered,these two cackling hens have said enough,while they are busy rehashing their stories to anyone that will listen,and belittling themselves,the more they talk,the less they are learning.One thing that I will pass on to them is this:when you are "with" someone of a certain stature for three years,and it becomes over,walk away like a lady with something other than the few pieces of clothes that you are wearing,and then you won't need any "hush" money.Remember:You don't miss your water "til" the well runs dry.Enough said!!!


Why in the World does Tiger owe his former lovers an apology???? They knew he was married, did they really think he had morales? He has a much as they do. Where's their apology to Elin and the children?These women...victims....heck no, they aren't victims and neither is Tiger. They got their 15 minutes of fame, what else do they want....$$$$$$$$ oh yeah.


Nothing sadder than a stupid cheap ho trying to play the victim card. Epic fail.

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