Tiger Woods Mistresses: That Apology Was So Fake!

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Reaction to Tiger Woods' apology speech Friday has so far been mixed. Many fans, sponsors and sports broadcasters have praised the golfer; Many have not.

Joslyn James and Jamie Jungers have more things in common than alliterative names: Both 1. have been railed by Woods; 2. say his mea culpa was bogus.

As far as James is concerned, the porn star who alleges a three-year extramarital affair with Tiger said that his press conference was far from convincing.

Moreover, she feels she has been slandered. Really.

"I would be open to a telephone apology from Tiger," the star of Top Heavy 4 said, accompanied of course by lawyer Gloria Allred. "I did not deserve this."

"An apology should be meaningful, and I didn't hear none of that," she said. "He's so selfish; it's not about anybody but him. It didn't feel like it was real."

Joslyn James Picture

Joslyn James wants Tiger to learn his (dirty!) lesson!

While Allred repeatedly mentioned how much emotional distress Tiger caused Joslyn James, she said she was not planning to file suit against him. Phew!

Meanwhile, another notch on Tiger Woods' list of mistresses was holding a viewing party with reporters: Las Vegas blackjack dealer/model Jamie Jungers.

Let's just say she wasn't moved by the script either.

"That apology is crap," Jungers said. "He's making a sob story to make people sorry for him. I don't feel sorry for him. I’ve seen his emotions when his father died and this was different. I'm not going to call him a liar but... he's playing that card."

The Trashy Lingerie model wasn't done there.

"He's apologizing to these young kids... everybody but the women that were involved in the relationships," says Jungers. "It's hurtful. It's rude. He should have apologized to the mistresses, because we’re dealing with a lot of stuff too."

A poor Tiger mistress just can't get a break, it's true.

Jungers says her relationship with Woods was more than sexual, and she was hoping for Tiger to acknowledge that, although she is not surprised he didn't.

Poor home-wrecker Jamie Jungers wants an apology too!

"It's not one-night stands, it's relationships. When it's a relationship, you're intimate and you share feelings. He could have at least mentioned the women."

"I know he's trying to win his wife back," Jamie Jungers adds. "Of course he's not going to apologize to the women he slept with. It's what I expected."

As for whether Elin Woods should stick with Tiger?

"Once a cheater always a cheater," says Jungers. "Is Elin going to stay with him? I would say no, but I don't have kids with him. He has a lot to prove."

Lastly, regarding her haters, Jamie says, "I'm not a home-wrecking whore. If it was up to me I would have never done it in the first place, but I stupid."

"Of course  feel guilty. I have a heart. But it was years ago. I shouldn't be the one to be blamed for it. He had lied to me about so many things."

Tiger Woods' public apology was ...


I think Elin should have an orgy with 12 guys to settle the score all at once. My and my 11 buddies will donate our cocks...let's make it a reality tv show, where Elin gets to pick the biggest and best cock after spending a hot steamy night with each guy! She will look 10 years younger after getting so
many cum facial wax jobs. My film studio 'Rear End Entry' has is close to finalizing a deal....stay tuned!


Why on earth would anyone feel sorry for the stupid girls that slept with tiger? y do they need an apology? what for getting caught?! They knew he was married and to get into a relationship with a guy that is married with kids is pretty pathetic and desperate. They dont need an apology they need to come to terms with the fact that they wanted to be mrs. tiger woods and instead they were nothing but one of his whores. As for tiger? what a pathetic excuse for a guy! lame!


Tiger only owes Elin any type of I am sorry. These sexual workers are after money, not mad at them, but it is what it is. Tiger was believable because he could not have know it would come to this and would know how to handle this moral failure in public. If Tiger acknowledges them, it would be open/shut for them to get money. Hes paying money to the ones who can do the most damage. Elin is right to do what is in her best interest emotionally and the kids. Elin feels hurt by Tiger, anger at Tiger and pity for her kids. Tiger talked about Elin badly to these women and now the public knows about it. Now Tiger faces a life of being the joke, the public watching him to see it they can catch him cheating, and women will prey on Tiger like never before.


oh mygosh, i can't believe these WHORES" think they should have an apology from Tiger. They are losers. looking for the next top athletes to screw.


I think it is so disgusting that these home-wrecking women are demanding anything. They knew he was married and went very willingly into a relationship. I think it is comical they feel like they have been victimized. What they really should be doing is apologizing to a wife and two children. They went into the relationship with $$$ in their eyes not stars. They don't deserve anything. If they are that stupid to believe whatever was told to them and thought they were the only one, that is their stupid mistake nobody elses. I truly wish these whXXes and slxts would go away. They are making themselves the laughing stock of the world.


I have to agree that these women deserve no apology. They knew what they were getting into and that Tiger was married. Why should THEY get an apology for not being able to have standards thenselves and not able to keep thier own asses out of his bed. I have always been told that two wrongs don't make a right. They need to suck up thier own pride and crawl back under the rock they came out from under. There isn't anything much lower than a woman that will lay her hands on a married man, other than the married man that allows her.


i always thought that threatening to expose someone unless paid cash is called blackmail,and a felony offense!yet these "women" hire a lawyer, go on national televison, get paid from public publications to tell all. and face no charges. hmmm, even if woods does not press charges, the legal community is sadly ignoring these women and the crimes while being aided by a legal eagle.apologize for screwing a well known married man in exchange for cash. trinkets and fame ? i think not!


Them bitches out for his money no sh_t. A ho like this should be doing time. Them bitches took his money.


I believe that that if Joslyn James is expecting a apology from Tiger Woods then she should clearly apologise to Tiger Woods wife Elin for knowingly sleeping with a married man and causing stress to her and her family!!


These fucking golddigging whores should shut up. They rode Tigers whopping ROD and had fun! Now they are claiming victim? Ohhhh poooor little whores!!! Go buy a big black dildo...You all knew Tiger was married! Elin should sue each of you for sucking her husbands dick without her permission. You should have invited Elin to the cock-fest! Dumb BITCHES! Bah ha ha ha ha

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