Tiger Woods Apology Speech: Full Video

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Below is the full video from Tiger Woods' press conference earlier Friday, in which he acknowledged "selfish, foolish behavior" and affairs with women.

Here's his 13-minute speech, which followed by no questions (obviously) and, to us at least, was not the most heartfelt thing we've ever heard.

You tell us, though. Take a look and see what you think:

What do you think of Tiger's apology speech? Did he come across sincere, or is he just reading prepared remarks pretending to be sorry?


If you were a lousy Golf player would anyone really care.


Tiger you probably should not have gotten married. You are a wild animal who cannot be tamed. Not a Lion trying to run for office trying to run for office. You are a sportsmen. So long as you are not trying to run anyone's life I don't care what you do in your own home. It is nobody else's business what goes on in your sexual life other than your wife's. The world of Golf and your sponsors are the ones more likely to suffer from your absence then the other way round. Tiger you picked a sweet beautiful Kitty for a wife but you picked a pack of bitches for your mistresses.


Sincere. He is not an actor! Now it is time to move forward and let his family heal whether they stay together or not!


Tiger's apology speech was sincere because if not, he could blame his infidelity to sex addiction (well, some people said celebrity go to sex rehab whenever they have a scandal so as to get away from the blame as they say sex addiction is beyond their control accounting for their affairs)... Yet, Tiger didn't.... He said he felt due to his fame and wealth making him felt the normal rules for married folks didn't apply to him and that he thought he was entitled to be off from the normal rule... In short, he had not made use of sex addiction to escape his accountability of the problem.


Many men cheat, but do they really owe the public an explanation and apology, even if they are a celebrity, such as Tiger Woods? His handlers successfully humbled him with the "14 minutes of fame" speech, but my answer is "no." The only person he "cheated" on was his wife, Elin, who I applaud by her reactions as a pro-active role model for all scorned wives. As a former Hollywood Madam and Scandinavian wife of yet another handsome, charming, African-American "cheating" celebrity named Woods (pop star Stevie Woods) this situation for me is just deja' vu. -Cheri Woods
Author, Death Row Madam: Exposing sex and drugs in the Entertainment Industry


of the word we call love. a four letter word that can change any wounded relationship and make this world a better place to live. God bless Tiger and Elin as they start the new chapter in their life with their kids.... Tiger, take the lessons, no turning back of the bad experience, just press forward for the good of your family and be with Elin as she is just a wonderful woman. I also salute you for giving that public apology, although, I do not really think that we need those as these matters are for you and Elin. Yes, Elin is correct real apology will be seen through time. I wish you all the best and be strong to resist temptation and stay away from the old life which brought you to that mess. You are heading on the right direction. I hope you will also listen to the teachings of Jesus about forgiveness and healing for your relationship. God bless and we are praying for you, Elin and the kids


that could have been done in about 45 seconds not 15 minutes ... get to the point already

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