The Duggar Family Meets Baby #19 ... on Video

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a lot of kids.

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    These so called parents are out for the money they should not have any children. They are stupid for bringing so many children into this world when there are so many children out there starving. Could they support this many Children if it were not for the television show. I know the answer would be NO. This is just plain bad parenting ! It's like they are running a circus side freak show.


    how many kids do you have


    The Duggars probably use less resources for their 19 than Tom & Katie do for their 1 --or Brangelina for theirs. What with the jetting around the world and owning many large houses & expensive cars, designer clothes, etc. Save your criticism for decadent and wasteful people, which the Duggars are not.


    i love them someday i want to be just like them qith 19 kids i think kids are gifts from somewhere i dont know what yet as i dont think there is a god but i tihnk they would be great parents and good on them


    I am happy for baby josie to be doing well and that mother has come thru this happy and well too. I think the duggar family is an inspiration and more families should watch and learn from their examples. Its refreshing to see a mother with loving , calm, clear minded parenting skills and suceed where so many of us have failed. Its been a pleasure to watch this show and I m very interested and privaledged to see how this power mom runs here home so successfully. My hats go off to the duggars!!!!!


    I wonder how many people who condemn the Duggars for the amount of children they have chosen to have, consider them selves "pro-choice". I have met many who condemn the Duggars but at the same time believe it is a woman's choice to have an abortion. Kind of contradictory, huh.


    I am not against large families as long as the family can afford to take care of them and they are raised in a loving, nuturing environment. Unless children are being harmed it is really none of my business. But I am a nurse and I do think of the medical side of things. I am wondering how long the uterus of this woman is going to last. I don't know much about this family and I don't watch this show but as I understand it all these children are their biological children, none are adopted. I just wonder how much longer she is going to be able to produce health children. I hope her baby survives without long term medical problems.


    It's interesting how some people think it's selfish to have so many children using the world's resources. Yet, who do you think made the world?

    The Duggars are providing a clean, moral home for all of their children. It's more than I can say for so many people who can't even handle one or two kids.

    What I find selfish are people who want fancy clothes, cars and homes before children. Think about it.


    So the Duggars are able to provide financially for all these children. Did they ever stop to consider maybe they are using up more than their fair share of the world's resources? Very selfish.


    I think those who are negative on the Duggars and calling them disgusting have the real problem. They are the ones who should NOT be having kids because we don't need anymore of their self-centered ignorant beliefs in this world. More power to the Duggars who are raising kind and decent human beings. They are the ones who SHOULD be having kids.

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