The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest: February 22

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, where THG's readers try to write the best caption(s) for the celebrity photo below!

Today's subject? Joe Jonas, who fortunately is a lot better at performing hit music and looking hot than he is at sports. Wow. What an athletic display.

What would be a funny caption for this picture? You tell us! Just click "Comments" and send in your caption(s) - you can submit as many as you like.

We'll announce a winner tomorrow. Good luck ...

Butter Fingers
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Black Emo Glasses: $200
Green Shoe Strings: $2.00
Being this goofy and still able to land hot chicks: Priceless!!!


"I don't wanna catch! It looks like it might bite"!


Trying to prove he ISN'T gay isn't working so well...


Whatevs, I saw the video for went on to bounce off the ground and then he caught it.....LOOOOOOOOOL. Love you anyway, Joe.


i don't show chicks my o-face, but this is my uh-oh face!


It slipped right through my fingers... Just like Taylor!


Say it ain't so Joe.
ABC easy as 1-2-3.
Joe Jonas has been officially made an honorary member of the
Washington Redskins,being on their team just shows how hard it is to hold on to the Pigskin.


"Backfield in motion,I'm going to have to penalize you,
backfield in motion,you know that's against the rules".
(Thanks to singers Mel and Tim).


Joe Jonas about to announce his cover of Aerosmiths "Night In The Ruts" songs.


"Don't leave me this way".