The Boyle Brothers Worry: Susan Is In Serious Trouble

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Susan Boyle might be enjoying professional success - her debut album broke chart records around the globe and she performed this month at the Sanremo music festival in Italy - but the singer's siblings are worried about the toll this is taking on her personally.

"The traveling and the whole [fame] thing is exhausting. She still has her anxieties and her loneliness," brother Gerry tells People in its latest issue.

Susan's brother John is even more blunt in the assessment of his sister:

"She needs 24-hour care. She needs to be looked after."

Someone broke into Boyle's home last month and the singer reportedly hasn't been the same since. She often makes late-night calls to family and friends, pal Lorraine Campbell says.

"She knows she can come up to me anytime," said Campbell. "If she's upset, she'll stay the night. Security would bring her up to my house. I take her home in the morning. Susan stayed with me a week ago. Nighttime is a lonely time for her."

Hang in there, SuBo. We wish you the best.


It is so amazing,Susan was the dependable sibling to look after their parents until the very end.Susan is now reaping the rewards
of being a good daughter after caring for her parents.Now that she
has made a "good" name for herself,the family is swooping around
trying to tell the world that she needs to be taken care of.To her
family,Susan is the winning lottery ticket,and greed is what they
represent.I think Susan is adorable and absolutely love her music.
Her family is not telling us anything about Susan,but they are telling a lot about themselves.$tay tuned.


Susan is adjusting to her well-deserved fame exceptionally well; her brothers aren't. She has repeatedly thanked her management for their help & expertise; from this interview, it looks like her brothers are incapable of providing either. Peddling gossip to tabloids is NOT caring for their sister. I suspect they're more interested in caring for her fortune.


Also I really like the new look.


I hope she is doing well and trying to keep spirits high. It is concerning that she is vulnerable but lots of people are. But I don't find her sad or pathetic. She had a hard lonely life but she had a dream and despite not being Beyonce she got up on that stage and gave it her all. I like her singing. It is very sad when people you trust (your family) pull you down and make you feel as though you are weak and to be pitied rather than patted on the back for turning a future from isolated suburban poverty into a glowing international career. Stick in there SuBo, we're really proud.


Terijay, what a brilliant idea! Simon could give him a lump sum to stop giving interviews that hurt Susan, revocable the first time he broke his word. Or he could put Gerry on the payroll as a "consultant" to be fired the minute Gerry has another chat with the media about his sister. Some might see it as bribe or blackmail - I'd like to think of it as an investment in Susan's health and happiness. Of course Susan could sue the pants off Gerry right now and stop funding him, but that would require court appearances and result in ugly headlines which would be excruciating for this deeply private family oriented honorable lady. Susan is seeking love, but not Prince Charming, just the family who should support her, not attack her.


Susan has said that her family told her all her life what she could not do, wasn't capable of, wasn't up to, and nobody ever said what she COULD do. It was frustrating and at times made her angry. The family dynamic apparently continues and Gerry & John's inability to accept Susan's growing independence and success is toxic. Family counseling is needed!


Gerry Boyle has been a vulture on Miss B since day one. He told her to quit BGT, for example- he gives interviews to anyone who will pay him, including obscure radio stations in freaking New Zealand, where he has been on a few times.. Once on that NZ radio show, he actuall gave out Miss B's EXACT HOME ADDRESS...On Nov. 29th, he gave an exclusive ( also I think to "People" that his sister was "The lonliest woman in the world"- this guy needs to be muzzled by Miss B's management team- maybe that is what he is looking for~! A dollar ammount for him to shut the hell up?


It must be hard for her family to realize that their taken for granted poor little sister is more successful than any of them!


Susan already has 24/7 security and care. Lorraine Campbell was quoted out of context; I'm willing to bet she only said Susan has access to friends 24/7. I hope Simon finds a way to keep Gerry Boyle's greedy hands away from Susan and her money. What has he ever done for her. Did he help with their parent? If he can convince some court that she is incompetent and get himself appointed her guardian he can get his hands on her money. The world if full of vultures, publicity hounds, liars and betrayers.


this is sad... seems her brother is launching all these business ventures... with Susan's money.. some one needs to step in and make sure this is all legit. Seems when their mother was Ill, Gerry was nowhere be seen.. also having been out of work for a number of years, suddenly he has money, a LOT OF MONEY..Its nice to share your success with your family.. but hit appears there there more to this than meets the eye.

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