The Bachelor Spoilers: Season Finale, After the Final Rose Details Confirmed

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NOTE: This article is about the 2010 season. For all the dirt on Brad Womack's second season (2011), follow the link here for The Bachelor spoilers galore.

From the beginning of the season, The Hollywood Gossip has been covering every second of the contrived, but entertaining action that is ABC's The Bachelor.

We've also been passing on gossip and rumors that, at least until now, have proven to be correct. But there is great speculation brewing about the finale.

Does Jake Pavelka really pick Vienna Girardi over Tenley Molzahn? Even in light of some of the stories that have surfaced about the former in recent weeks?

Is there a shocking twist, such as Jake dumping both girls, a la Brad Womack, or a reunion with Ali Fedotowsky, who left the program to return to her "job"?

Pretending to Look Conflicted

Jake Pavelka nears his heart-wrenching, terrible decision.

Some of the online rumors we've read heading into Monday's season finale and subsequent "After the Final Rose" special do suggest that shocking scenario.

Other theories? Vienna dumping Jake on the ATFR show. The ending was re-filmed after Jake changed his mind. One of the two is pregnant. The list goes on.

Well, our man Reality Steve, whose inside intel has confounded Mike Fleiss and delighted THG for several seasons, has come through again with ATFR scoop.

This is obviously not confirmed, because we were not in the room for the ATFR taping, but the man is rarely (if ever) wrong, so his spoilers are pretty legit.

Follow the jump to read who Jake chooses on the season finale Monday and the status of their relationship as of the "After the Final Rose" taping (last week):

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are engaged.

Grab your pitchforks, Tenley and Ali fans, because on the ATFR show, Jake will say that he’s happy and that he and Vienna are getting married. End of story.

That is the outcome, at least as far as The Bachelor spoilers we have at our disposal right now suggest. Will they stay together and actually tie the knot? Eh.

Tenley Molzahn Picture

Looks like Vienna gets her man. Sorry, Tenley and Ali fans.

We're skeptical, as it's happened exactly zero times in 13 seasons of The Bachelor (yes, we know about Trista, and yes, Jason and Molly are getting married March 8).

We're also skeptical since Vienna Girardi is an annoying airhead who we can't fathom Jake possibly being attracted to, but hey. Whatever makes him happy.

Or makes ABC money. One theory? Jake and Vienna split before Ali Fedotowsky takes over as The Bachelorette, and he makes a staged play for her on that show.

It's a scenario that would be as nauseating as it would be amazing.

Come on, tell us you can't see it coming. Exactly. So sit tight, Ali fans. Perhaps you'll get your fairy tale ending eventually, just not this coming Monday night.

The Bachelor spoilers aside, who should Jake pick Monday?


Jake & Vienna...hip hip hooray!


If Jake picks Tenley he needs to be prepared to be bored out of his mind. She's boooorrrring!


I think both women ought to dump him. Talk about a fake, airheaded empty headed, guy who is only in love with what he sees in the mirror. The preverbial "dumb blond". Tenley is not over her ex, but a nice girl, Vienna well, I think we all know what we think of her. As for the Ally, Ali Alley, whatever her name is, omg what a whiney child. He just needs to get laid and wants to get paid for it, which means....well put it all together. Why do we watch? Because we're idiots...


Reality Steve is the man. Jake and Vienna whata a mis-match. We know this after the first show. Jake is so fake.


I am certainly hoping that Ali will be Jake's choice. She is beautiful, intelligent and very natural. Apparently, he cannot see through Vienna's facade. She is not a class act as Ali definitely is without a doubt. Jake and Ali are soul mates, and would be very happy together.


I think that he doesnt choose either Tenley or Vienna and I think the show will reveal that he is in love with Ali. I think back to the last show and Ali seemed almost too happy. I think they were together as of that show and of course it couldnt be revealed to the public yet.


I do not like his decission for Vienna but, I guess if he likes, the woman has bug eyes and I wouldn't be surprised if she is the prego one everyone is talking about hint's the real reason for him picking her. But, anyway, who am I to judge. Only time will tell. I just can't believe he went from wanting the beautiful looking Jillian to a sausage. Goes to show he has no taste for real.


Vienna seems like just a little immature kid. He should pick Tenley or dump both and go find Ali. They would both be happy together if this happened. Cause he won't be happy if he picks Vienna!!!!!!


Stupid waste of time! I am so mad at myself for wasting time on this junk. I am a hopeless romantic. I liked Jake and really wanted to see a Cinderella story. There appeared to be some quality women in the group in the beginning. Ali is a rude gossip. Tenley not over her ex. And Vienna is still a wild child, living off Daddy. I am SO OVER IT! I will never EVER watch this sexist, contrived, over scripted and edited show again! What the heck was I thinking?!


No one has the right to pass judgment on what Jake should or should not do. I find Vienna refreshing and fun. She is full of life and not boring and whining like Tenley. All the haters should just shut up because if Vienna ends up with Jake, I bet they will be happy together. And if she gets to marry him on primetime-like Jason and Molly will soon do-she will certainly have the last laugh!

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