The Bachelor Recap: Vienna Girardi 1, Other Girls 0

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Vienna Girardi has The Bachelor all but wrapped up, if last night is any indication. Jake Pavelka is wrapped around her finger and the other girls are at their wits' end.

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    sorry theres more, gia = gag me, tenley needs to stop whining about her ex husband already and ali went home YAYAYAYAYAYAY


    love vienna, could not stand ali, thank god she took her whiny hiny home!!!


    Hopefully Vienna is only there for ratings. If not then this may be the last season I can watch. It would prove this show truly is a joke. Who in their right mind could seriously stand to be around a spoiled, whinning, fake, unattractive brat. I think my 4year old has more sense than that girl does. If Jake is to choose her, he had better prepare himself for maxed out credit cards and a lifetime of debt and pain. She is there for one thing and it sure isn't love.


    I can't imagine how Vienna is still around???? The girl is a spoiled brat and seems like she would be a stalker...and definitely NOT cute. If Jake picks her...he deserves what he gets. I don't think the women are jealous of her, they're just sick of being around her. Everyone has warned Jake about her. What a dopey guy.


    Did you all miss "Reality Steve's" summary on the whole season. And might I add that so far he has been spot on. The last two standing are Tenley and Vienna and he goes with, you guessed it... The big "V".

    Sorry to disappoint those who are not one of her fans. Frankly, they all seem to desperate for any man. Very sad....

    Jake is probably the most decent and honest guy ever profiled on this cheesy program. Sure wish he would dump them all and wait to see who was truly intended for him had he not tried to force things.


    Vienna's hair was pretty gawd awful during rose ceremony. Oh man. I'm surprised Jake didn't dismiss her right then and right there because of that. But anyway, I love Vienna. I think she is very sincere and obviously is goo-goo-gaga for Jake. Ali can shove it up her &^@$%.


    Jake was honest enough to go to Jillian with the truth that "Cowboy" was bad news. I can't believe that this apparently level headed young man would find fault with Ali for doing the same. I think much of what has happened between the ladies away from the bachelors view exposes Vienna for the Much Too Forward trollop she really is. Jake had to see that when she snuck out of her room and ended up in his bed last week. A self-respecting man who is dating 4 other women and hasn't yet decided on one yet would have no desire to actually marry that kind of trash. I certainly wouldn't want my sons to marry such a girl. The thought of her mothering children with her is even more saddening. If Jake is the man he appears to be, a relationship with that floosy would never work. Guess we'll find out in a few weeks what kind of guy Jake really is. He was crazy about Jillian, and you can't compare Classy Jillian with Trashy Vienna.


    I think people hate Vienna because they are jealous of her (the other girls). Its funny that they still whine and cry that she is there. Did Ali ever "go off" and tell Jake what she thought like she said she was going to do if she got a rose? Nope. Shes a scaredy cat. And the more they go to Jake and say how much they hate her, the more he seems to want to keep her around. Since this show is just for a show, and never works.... I hope he picks Vienna. I just want to see Ali's face if he did.


    Tired of hearing everything about "Vienna", I want to believe she's only still on for "drama and ratings"! It's time she goes bye-bye. End of story!


    Jake can do better than this lineup.

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