The Bachelor Host-Pimp: Finale to Shock, Disappoint

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Millions upon millions of fans may be disappointed with the final choice for love on the current season of The Bachelor, but Jake Pavelka himself is not one of them.

"I know for a fact Jake is happy with his decision," host-pimp Chris Harrison says.

"I will steal a line from Jake. He has said, 'I will shock people, I will disappoint people,' but he did what he feels was right, and I support him. Good for him."

Rumors have long speculated that the winner this season will be Vienna Girardi.

If the Bachelor spoilers we've posted turn out to be true, many viewers will indeed be very let down. Vienna is not exactly what you would call a fan favorite.

Final Four Ladies

One of these girls will get the final rose. You may not like it.

"I will say I was surprised that he kept her around," Chris admits. "But I have to give the guy credit to have the balls to go against what everybody's saying."

THG NOTE: How would he know what "people" are saying about a reality show he's starring on? Does Chris just mean the other girls bad-mouthing Vienna?

Chris also says V is not as evil as she appears. "I think [Vienna Girardi] has a bit of a bad rep ... I think she was put behind the 8 ball in the beginning."

Wonder who could be responsible for that... not ABC's deliberate story editing.

"When you are one on the front-runners early on, there is a target put on your back. So, there is competitiveness, there is jealousy from the other girls."

Of course, I don't think Vienna went out of her way to fix that problem."

No. And it sounds like Jake is not going to take her ex-husband's advice and run for it while he still can. Would you be disappointed if Vienna were to win?

Who do you think should get the final rose from Jake Pavelka?


I think veinna is perfect for him cause he is a goof!


And yes...Chris is totally scripted and I think he's probably a gutless shallow guy too. (If I was Roz I'd totally sue for slander!) and what's with Vienna's eyes? she always looks cross-eyed. I would like to know about the other female pilot that he sent home, she was good looking and seemed to have her head on straight, but maybe that was the problem she was normal, smart and independent.


Well, I guess whoever Jake picks we all know that he is pretty shallow. I mean come on! He sent home or rejected most of the strong, independent women. He wants someone who will just fall head over heels for him and icon him rather than an equal partner. Esp with being a pilot, he wants a whiner for his marriage? He sucks a picking good women apparently, he wants an easy woman like Vienna. These other women are better off. I would love to see Gia as the next Bachelorette instead of Ali (but I like Ali too).


He had better keep a separate bank account if he does marry Miss thing (Vienna).


Jake stated, "Vienna reminds me of myself...a part of me inside. That's why I'm so comfortable with her." He thinks he's her soulmate! The girls he DOESN'T choose are lucky, people. If Jake is Vienna on the "inside" he ain't gonna be much of a husband. If Vienna has kids ever, they'll be on the sidelines or in the garage. She may even get them a babysitter, if she has a heart for children. Ali was my choice. She was smart to leave before this revelation.


Listen to me!!! I know you have some deep feelings for the biggest slut (Vienna). She isnt the women that your going to want to wake up next to every morning. Vienna is 23 years old. She is very immature, bitchy, and she has you wrapped around her finger. Please do your self a favor and pick the women of your dreams! TENLEY IS THE ONE FOR YOU!! YOU WILL BE A LUCKY MAN TO HAVE SUCH A WONDERFUL GIRL LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tenley and Jake are the perfect match!! Ali was the one for you but Tenley is also worth everything! I wish Vienna would have gotten eaten by a shark when she was pushed off the boat last night!


Ali she not so pretty she is average.
Tenley she is not so pretty she is average to skinny.
Vienna she is a honest and fun and brave and real.
Jake we have to respect who he choose and I wish him all the happiness and the best.


I would love 4 him 2 pick tenley there great 2 gether.


I'm with Ashley...if Jake picks Vienna...I'm done with the show. It's getting too weird. PICK A NORMAL PERSON!!! Tenley or Ali...or cancel the show. Vienna is immature, aweful,and playing to Jake by taking him to bed in her satin attire that is scanky!!!


If Jake picks Vienna he's definitely thinking with his small head. At the age of 23 I'll guess she's been around the block quite a few times and most likely did not acquire a degree in higher education. She appears to be a low life without the values that Jake appears to possess. He raves about how honest she is but I wonder if she's told him the truth about her marriage, past escapades or possible STDs? It all screams BEWARE to me!

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