Tenley Molzahn: Bachelor Sweetheart or Prude, Manipulative B!tch?

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Is Tenley Molzahn the sweet, genuine cutie she appears to be on The Bachelor? Not according to her ex-husband's mistress, to whom he is now engaged!

One of Bachelor Jake Pavelka's frontrunners all season and one of his final three heading down the stretch, Tenley is a fan favorite ... but for how long?

Tenley Molzahn has won much sympathy from Jake and fans by noting that her previous marriage ended after her ex, Ryan Natividad, cheated on her.

But the "alleged" other woman who came between their marriage, which lasted just 15 months, says Tenley isn't "the sweet girl everyone thinks."

She's also a manipulative ... and a prude.

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  • Will You Accept This Rose?

Tenley Molzahn certainly plays the part of the girl-next-door sweetheart who got her poor heart broken ... does Jake Pavelka know what he's getting into?

"She'd only allow sex once a week... and sometimes withheld that," says Christina Latham, who is now engaged to Natividad, and denies he ever cheated on Tenley.

Latham also says The Bachelor hopeful "wouldn't let him see his family."

Sounds like the stuff of a controlling b!tch ... but is it true? A Tenley pal says that "She loved Ryan deeply. If there was any bad treatment, it was instigated by him."

But Latham insists, "There is no way she loved him."

On The Bachelor, Tenley took Jake to her hometown of Newberg, Oregon, and Jake even got her dad's blessing. But should he beware of what she may be hiding?

What do you think? Is Tenley the girl she presents herself to be or a brat who emasculates men Kate Gosselin style? And who should Jake pick?


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Factcheck stop pretending like you know something. Why don't you post it you retard if they got married in March? Your an idiot. You just made Tenley look fuc¥ing stupid!! There divorce wasn't finalized until september of 2009 where she already auditioned for the show. They couldn't have gotten married because that would be illegal. So stupid. You try and talk trash but you make Tenley look worse in the end. That crazy broad went on this show and capitalized on the situation. She was so heart broken right? Get your facts straight. There divorce paperwork is public record. What a b!tch by the divorce papers, her ex paid for EVERYTHING and she took advantage of him. She put down that he needed to work more overtime so she could tan and get her hair done. I don't know about you but that doesn't sound like a sweetheart to me. Go Gia!!


Oh my gosh!! I didn't even think about it like that. That is so right about kissing him while all these other girls are. What a joke this entire show is. That's really gross you should watch who the h0e is.Tenley and her man boobs!!!!! Do the dance you h0e!!


Don't people ever think that some people are just not meant to be with each other? Its pretty apparent people discover that in life. Sorry to break it to you JuliaM it sounds like you have more of a jealousy toward Christina than anythingM you actually make yourself seem like an idiot by blaming her for there divorce. You must be one of those girls that's been cheated on and stick by your man's side. Give me a break. Tenley has caused so many problems her entire life. She needs some self discovery. Also for whoever said that they got divorced iin january and now married, your just as ignorant too. Tenley goes on the bachelor with a guy that is making out with multiple woman. Come on. Your going to tell me that's not a h0e? That's one big wh0re! Sorry at least she can swap spit with all those other females. How sick is it that she's kissing a guy that has kissed other woman the same day. watch who you call a h0e because Tenley just upgraded herself to prime time wh0re


You people are so lame. You want to blame this on Christina? Are you kidding Julia? You are an idiot. She didn't make Ryan leave Tenley he did it on his own because she treated him like crap. Why don't you know the real story before saying all this bs you made up. By the way the marriage qas over long before Christina came around. Sorry to burst the bubble that Tenley was actually a horrible person. Well she can suffer through her anorexia.


Oh puleeze. Christina Latham sleeps with, seduces and steals a man from his sweet wife and supplies him with an endless parade of v a gina and then screams that it is OK because Tenley only had sex with her husband "once a week... and not even that!" I hope Christina suffers the way Tenley has and I hope she is ashamed of stealing Tenley's husband by seducing him. How dare she go out in public downing sweet tenley. "Tenly is not sweet" so sayeth the w ho re who had sex with her huaband behind Tenley's back. What a nerve Christina Latham has. I hope Ryan dumps her. She can see how it feels.


Um you didn't do your background did you? That woman is not his fiancee, she's his wife. They got married in March. Tenley found out he cheated in January, divorce final in March, he married the 'ho who's blabbing to tabloids about Tenley's sexual habits within days. That's not cheating at all, and that's not what a cheating 'ho of a husband tells some dumb 'ho about his wife to get her into the sack. Right.


RUN Jake RUN.....


tenley is manipulative, so says the girl who f*cked tenleys husband...lmao. oh no shes a bad person cuz she didnt want to have sex all the time lol. and who even knows if that is true or if her ex just told this other girl that. i like all the girls left in the show but ali. and even though i like vienna she really isnt right for jake. tenley is the best for him i think. goo tenley!!!


of course he is going to be bitter about her being on tv and talking about it and there are two sides to every story but she is obviously a sweet girl with a good heart. unlike that tramp viena. TEAM TENLEY!!!