Tenley Molzahn: Bachelor Sweetheart or Prude, Manipulative B!tch?

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Is Tenley Molzahn the sweet, genuine cutie she appears to be on The Bachelor? Not according to her ex-husband's mistress, to whom he is now engaged!

One of Bachelor Jake Pavelka's frontrunners all season and one of his final three heading down the stretch, Tenley is a fan favorite ... but for how long?

Tenley Molzahn has won much sympathy from Jake and fans by noting that her previous marriage ended after her ex, Ryan Natividad, cheated on her.

But the "alleged" other woman who came between their marriage, which lasted just 15 months, says Tenley isn't "the sweet girl everyone thinks."

She's also a manipulative ... and a prude.

Will You Accept This Rose?

Tenley Molzahn certainly plays the part of the girl-next-door sweetheart who got her poor heart broken ... does Jake Pavelka know what he's getting into?

"She'd only allow sex once a week... and sometimes withheld that," says Christina Latham, who is now engaged to Natividad, and denies he ever cheated on Tenley.

Latham also says The Bachelor hopeful "wouldn't let him see his family."

Sounds like the stuff of a controlling b!tch ... but is it true? A Tenley pal says that "She loved Ryan deeply. If there was any bad treatment, it was instigated by him."

But Latham insists, "There is no way she loved him."

On The Bachelor, Tenley took Jake to her hometown of Newberg, Oregon, and Jake even got her dad's blessing. But should he beware of what she may be hiding?

What do you think? Is Tenley the girl she presents herself to be or a brat who emasculates men Kate Gosselin style? And who should Jake pick?


I thought Tenley had it in the bag forsure!! Poor girl.. She is gorgeous!! It sucks having to deal w.a heartbreak not only once, but now TWICE! My heart goes out to her. I hope she takes this as another learning experience. Don't give up Tenley!! Her personality was soo similar to Jakes & i think that's maybe why he was drawn towards Vienna -- opposites attract! Either way I am happy for Jake & Vienna.. I hope he made te right choice & has no regrets! I don't think he's ever gonna come across another girl like Tenley if he decides that's what he really wants later on.. Also -- all this talk about Tenley being a manipulative prude bitch is hilarious!! Especially since it seems to be coming from a girl who is now w.Tenleys ex husband... She clearly has no morals for allowing somthing like that to happen. What does that say about her? Eaaassssy slut who will be with whoever gives her attention -- once a cheater always a cheater.. atleast Tenley has her pride!


This b!tch needs help!!! I'm a virgin but I'm going on a show like this. Dear God, blah blah blah. Go to he!! You fake anorexic horse looking c¥nt!!


Hahahahah Kate wow you really don't have any clue about anything. I don't think Ryan or Christina really care about anything Tenley does. They have their own life. Tell her fuc€ing fake @ss friends to stop spreading lies when 3yan took care of her SKAN£ @ss!!!! You want to talk some sh!t when that b!tch decides to hook up with him after he sleeps with other girls? Your just as stu^id as that wh0re!! I hope she likes tasting Viennas pu$$y in her mouth. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


LOLOLOLOL!!!!! His MISTRESS is saying these things??? Don't fool yourself, missy. He'll do the same to you, you dirty who*e. Tenley is too good for your cheating fiance, and for Jake, as well. I wish Tenley all the luck in the world.


Men only leave for one reason, she is a bitch, prude and no sex and spends too much money. jake can have her and i just hope he has a prenup that states no sex then get a divorce


Well, the show is over already..as in already taped...Hopefully Jake got his act together and picked Tenley...She is great and so is her family. Tenley had heart ache from a cheating husband...and once a cheater always a cheater. Especially since cops have such egos anyway....it goes hand in hand with the cheating. As for Jake, if he did choose Sausage (Vienna) he needs his head examined....and really deserves all the heartbreak to come. But, he brought it on himself if V is the choice. Go Tenley.....Jake and Tenley look good together.....


I think he is gonna pick Vienna or maybe no one at all...show has claimed to have a dramatic eending!


Her ex didn't want to see her dance? Who would after that performance. Ouch


Julia or Joleen, whichever I don't know why you think this is Christina's fault. Joleen don't be mad that your man is sleeping with someone else still. Its not anyones fault but the man that chooses it. You just look like a spineless coward. Maybe you can go on Tool Academy.


I love when people but other people in their rightful places. I should start a log on horrible Tenley stories, but her friends do it to themselves without any help. By the way Tenley should seek out her friends who decided to divulge on the info about the ex's.

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