Tamra Barney Confirms Relationship with Husband's BFF, Eddie Judge

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The Real Housewives of Orange County writers have come up with an exciting twist for Tamra Barney this season.

Just weeks after she was served divorce papers by her husband of 11 years, Simon, Barney has confirmed that she's moved one... to Simon's best friend Eddie Judge!

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Moreover, the scorned, soon-to-be ex learned of his wife's dalliance by witnessing it himself in a scene likely caught by Bravo cameras. Simon says he was at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas this weekend, walked into a club around midnight and:

"I saw Tamra with a friend of mine, Eddie Judge,” he told RadarOnline.com. "I saw them holding hands and acting like a couple. As soon as Tamra saw me she let go of his hand and walked away. I went up to Eddie  and asked him if he's (bleeping) my wife.  He didn't say a word.

"I  couldn't believe what I had just witnessed - the ultimate betrayal by a pal and my estranged wife."

Nice soundbite! Kudos to whichever writer fed Simon that line.

Simon adds that he fell to his knees at the time and was helped out of the hotel by a series producer doorman.

Barney, pictured above with Judge, admits to the relationship with her ex-husband's close friend. She said:

""I started dating Eddie Judge last week... We are romantically involved, he is a great guy. It was bound to happen that we both we would dating again after [Simon] filed for divorce.

"I don't know what the future holds with Eddie and only time will tell."

Time, and script writers, that is. We're guessing they're hard at work on a suspense-filled conclusion to this storyline.




This type of behavior does not surprise me. Tamra and Vicki always trash talking the other women, while they are simply trash themselves. ***GET A JOB TAMRA *** and Vicki please get a damn face lift!


Way to go Lovely Tamra, You make my nuts jingle with joy
Keep up the good fortune darling.
Wish I could have some fun with you.


I am so tired of seeing this bitch who just cries and drinks all the time! Why anyone who would want to be involved with her needs their head examined! She thinks she is so hot and she looks like an old hag..get some class bitch...oh forgot, you can't buy it!


Tamra, You should be ashamed of yourself.Dating Simons friend?And what kind of a friend is he?Why don't you think of your kids and stop being the selfish woman you are?Can't you be without a man.You talked about Gretchen but you are worse.You always dressed so trashy and now you're acting that way too.I feel so sorry for your kids.


Its funny to read some of the comments made here. Im not a "hater" of anyone. We are all entitled to our opinions of what we "think" is going on. And thats the problem, we do not see what goes on behind closed doors, and despite the fact that I do not condone gossip Im on this page thinking WHAT??? One thing Ive seen very clearly is this particular gossip page does NOT get the facts straight, and itsw so exaggerated is almost nauseating. This man was NOT Simons best friend, and although they are dating, if you look at their pictures from their Panama trip, he really warms up to the camera, make me ask could he be another "Slade?" Opportunist. He may have money himself but may like the camera more! So we should ask ourselves who is the whore?


This is another sad indication of what happens to seemingly ordinary people when they become reality starts!!!!!!


If it was the other way around, and Simon was the guilty one all hell would brak loose. I my opinion Simon was holding the riegns on this pony for as long as he could. She just wanted out of the pen and the show gave her an open field... Hanh in there Simon, us good Dad's on on your side...


She said it best. She's a truck driver w/tits.


Ya'll forget no that Tamra said that "jokingly" that the thing that keeps them together was the hot sex in one of the episodes. I guess she likes being controlled in the bedroom. Simon does come off as controlling on tv, but what do you expect with a two faced wife. Tamra constantly says one thing and then does another. I wonder what her friend Vicki thinks about her "classy friend" screwing her husbands best friend. I think she owes Grtchen an apology. Jeff was not the least bit controlling; and whos knows, might have told Gretchen she could do what she wanted to. Bet your as Simon didn't give his WIFE his latitutde. Like Simon said to his wife, why do you care so much dear!? Trash is as trash does. I feel sorry for her kids.

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