Tamra Barney Confirms Relationship with Husband's BFF, Eddie Judge

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The Real Housewives of Orange County writers have come up with an exciting twist for Tamra Barney this season.

Just weeks after she was served divorce papers by her husband of 11 years, Simon, Barney has confirmed that she's moved one... to Simon's best friend Eddie Judge!

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Moreover, the scorned, soon-to-be ex learned of his wife's dalliance by witnessing it himself in a scene likely caught by Bravo cameras. Simon says he was at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas this weekend, walked into a club around midnight and:

"I saw Tamra with a friend of mine, Eddie Judge,” he told RadarOnline.com. "I saw them holding hands and acting like a couple. As soon as Tamra saw me she let go of his hand and walked away. I went up to Eddie  and asked him if he's (bleeping) my wife.  He didn't say a word.

"I  couldn't believe what I had just witnessed - the ultimate betrayal by a pal and my estranged wife."

Nice soundbite! Kudos to whichever writer fed Simon that line.

Simon adds that he fell to his knees at the time and was helped out of the hotel by a series producer doorman.

Barney, pictured above with Judge, admits to the relationship with her ex-husband's close friend. She said:

""I started dating Eddie Judge last week... We are romantically involved, he is a great guy. It was bound to happen that we both we would dating again after [Simon] filed for divorce.

"I don't know what the future holds with Eddie and only time will tell."

Time, and script writers, that is. We're guessing they're hard at work on a suspense-filled conclusion to this storyline.


Tamra ...you have said so many times that you want to be a ''changed good person''.....starting now leave this stupid show...stop exposing and kissing Andy Cohen.Thats filthy.
Be a good mom to your 4 kids.The show will make you feel that you are a slut.Everyone thinks so.


It's amazing how immoral these Ca celebrities are. Married twice with 4 kids & now #3 husband. I feel for these poor young kids to see their mom jumping in/out of beds with men. She has committed adultery & broken a commandment yet everyone is cheering this loose women on. The immorality of our country is destroying family values & our childrens future


I love this show is one of,my show ever.Tamra is a good housewive her ex husband is so controlling of her,he is a piece a shit..Tamra keep doing what u do dont let no one to tell u stuff and your new boyfriend is better than ur ex honey..


yooh! people leave her he alone. her husband was a controlling peice of shit pay back is really a bitch!she is sexy and she knows it!she knows what she wants and goes for it.As for all you haters you can just go FUK yourselves!We sexy bitches know what you wish you had,but maybe to ungly i love her new beau he's hot and so is she! tamara don't let these losers hate!


man yooh people really have to quit being haters!she is a sexy bitch and she knows leave her alone aleady, she inspired me to leave my joke for a boyfriend vicky is also hot!and so am i!


Tamra is awesome! You guys are being way too hard on her....and extremely judgemental. It's none of anyones business why she left her husband! As for Vicki...yes she is a hard worker but she's had to be during a bad economy. If you don't like the housewives ladies...then STOP watching it and going on these sites to compain! It's entertainment and I thank the gals for an awesome year! I do wish Lauri would come back!!!


tamara,on the show it is hardly any mention of your kids, i guess they arent is inportant as the drama you like to involve you self in,actually i as many others believe you need to come down to earth,and shed that fake fasad you puton and be real,instead of being an evil bitch.


As for the idea of having a baby with Eddie......... Use what you have of a brain.... You already have 4 kids with two different men. Why make another mistake and another one to the mix. wasn't the damage you caused to the three youngest ones during this divorce with Simon give you anything to think about? You sure haven't learned anything from your mistakes. All I can add is....... Stop acting like such a "HO MAMA"!


I Don't understand any of this....Tamara is a lying piece of white trash and you are all acting like she's a queen!!!,
she acts so immature at times and appears to be a total slut on the show. She's I'm her 40's now...it's about time she started to act like it!!!
she can deny all she wants, but if you look it's all over the Internet that indeed Eddie was Simon's bff.
Tamara needs to grow up and take " control of her actions"!!! Another thing, why is Tamara starting to talk so much like Vickie??????
Why can't she act herself and stop putting on theses aires that make her look sooooo cheap. How many divorces will this make for her? If I were Tamara I'd stop while I was ahead. this is only going to end up in divorce too!!! she's not marriage material. As for having a baby with Eddie.....


Eddie Judge is sooo hot!!!!

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