Steve Phillips Accepts Responsibility for Brooke Hundley Affair, Cites Sex Addiction

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Months after his affair with Brooke Hundley got him fired as a baseball analyst at ESPN, Steve Phillips has spoken out.

He sat down with Matt Lauer today and took full responsibility for his immoral actions, while also detailing his addiction to sex.

"What I want to do is take ownership," he said. "I made some mistakes ... I'm fully responsible for what I did."

The former New York Mets General Manager was recently released from Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, the same clinic Tiger Woods reportedly attended for his issues.

Phillips referred to it as a place for people who are "broken" and "struggling to find answers."

To his credit, he didn't hide behind the addiction, saying:

"People look at sex addiction as an excuse; it's not an excuse. I'm fully responsible for everything that I did and accept responsibility for that. I've broken my wife's heart. I've damaged her and our relationship in a terrible way.

"I'm working my tail off to try to save my marriage ... [but] I don't know what the ultimate result will be."

Watch the interview below and sound off: Do you believe Phillips is sorry for his actions?

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