Snooki Nude Picture: Real or Fake?

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An alleged pic of Snooki nude circulating online is causing quite a stir. Who knows why, the girl isn't that attractive at all ... whoever she is. But no matter.

Supposedly, there are apparently more where this came from when it comes to the Jersey Shore star taking it all off, and the leaked pic looks sort of real.

Also, the bedroom in this photo does resemble the bedroom Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, has shown in pictures on her Twitter, so maybe it really is legit.

For her part, Snooki has denied the existence of any nude videos, which have also been rumored, and says the pics aren't real. But she could be lying.

Tell us what you think: Is this the guidette we know and love (who is currently dating Emilio Masella), or is it just a clever fake? And would you hit it?

Follow the jump and see a censored, possibly Snooki nude ...

Snooki Nude

Snooki possibly nude: Would you go there?


Her neck is way too long. Shopped for sure.


Why not? It's FREE!


That girls legs are as long as Snookie is tall. Not her.


Really people where do you see that this girl is fat? Your the reason there is anorexia and bulimia, you should get a personality transplant and a serious attitude adjustment..jealous beotches for sure


Thank god I didn't eat anything this morning! All I can think of is: "SOOOEEEY"!


Ugh. Now that is enough to send me into a fit of bulimia. Call Jenny, Snooki, you crazed big tub of goo.


could be her...the question is, do we really care????


fake. no way she's that thin. also anyone answering yes to the poll needs a therapist.

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