Snooki Nude Picture: Real or Fake?

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An alleged pic of Snooki nude circulating online is causing quite a stir. Who knows why, the girl isn't that attractive at all ... whoever she is. But no matter.

Supposedly, there are apparently more where this came from when it comes to the Jersey Shore star taking it all off, and the leaked pic looks sort of real.

Also, the bedroom in this photo does resemble the bedroom Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, has shown in pictures on her Twitter, so maybe it really is legit.

For her part, Snooki has denied the existence of any nude videos, which have also been rumored, and says the pics aren't real. But she could be lying.

Tell us what you think: Is this the guidette we know and love (who is currently dating Emilio Masella), or is it just a clever fake? And would you hit it?

Follow the jump and see a censored, possibly Snooki nude ...

Snooki Nude

Snooki possibly nude: Would you go there?


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Hell yeah i would hit that shit she has evrything big ass & big boobies i will make her puzzy wet and squirt


man dat chick has a big ass and sum big duble DS,i wuld fuk tha shit out uv dat girl anytime man idk about wat ppl say about dat fine ass chick der just saying shit bcuz dey kuld never tap dat shit,dey kuld only get old lady pussy,im just saying snookiz hot and i wuld fuk her 4 free i dont give a fuk about wat dey say,ILL FUCK DAT HOT CHICK


pft, snooki need smush smush!


heyy bitches. they rilly may just be a bunch of fuckers getting paid to get drunk and dumb and whatnot. but Snooki (who is actually !!!HOT AS HELL!!!) will get old and whatever. but they dont have to flaunt there shit around a goddamn tv show. thats truly pathetic. i dont feel bad that she got punched she started it. just becuz shes a woman doesnt mean (this goes for all women to) that she can start shit when shes drunk and get in peoples faces and not expect consiquences


I though Snookie was an '80's computer game about a jumping penguin?


who cares, and why are people hating so much?you are just making her richer by talking about her more
Also it a reality show, stop being hypocrites and actin like these type of people don't exist in the world except her and you have never seen such nasty behaviour. They are people guys, if don't like it don't watch. It reality so open your eyes and shut the fuck up. What do you want them to do? have little tea parties every evening watching the sunset?Honestly I would act like them if I was in their position, and i'm nothing close to being a crazy as they are. That was their job is to have the greatest and craziest summer. That is how they are getting paid and that is an awesome way to get paid. Some people are just jealous, but thats okay they don't care:)
I find this show funny and entertaining, looking forward to the next season suckers and I love snooki


okay for one snooki is not that thick and the girl in the picture is not that thin, i think its snooki and whoever says yes to the poll does NOT need therapy


Why is everyone hating on the Snooks? Could it be jealousy? Leave the girl alone and let her have fun!!!! After all, she isn't hurting anyone!!




I'm sad for her. In another five years her skin is going to be leather. Her boyfriend just might trade her in for a Barcalounger. I felt sorry for her when she got punched by some drunken angry psycho loser on "Jersey Shore." Why did she deserve such monstrous treatment? Answer:She didn't. It made me feel sad for her.I'm surprised nobody stuck a knife in that jerk's neck for doing such a sick thing.If he had done that to me, I would have sunk a knife in his throat--once I recovered enough to do it, that is.

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