Siobhan Magnus: American Idol Contestant

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She was one of thousands when she auditioned for American Idol in Boston, but Siobhan Magnus is one of the few remaining.

The Massachusetts native is rumored to be one of this season's 24 semifinalists, as she'll be featured in Hollywood starting this week.

Not much is known about the 19-year old: she sings lead vocals for the band Lunar Valve; is actually a glass-blowing apprentice and loves horror movies.

Siobhan resides in in Cape Cod.

In the video below, watch Magnus take the stage in a production of "Beauty and the Beast."

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She took a moosdump all over Paint It Black


just saw the top 8 girls performance, and this girl has a great voice and stage presence. while her new look is an improvement to what she looked like originally, she needs to shed the broadcaster journalist look and look younger and her age. she looks like someone's mother.


How can Simon miss the "specialness" of this girl? Unique star quality. If she doesn't win, I give up on IDOL.


Siobhan ROCKS! best voice this season, she is simply the best


I don't care what she is Jew or Irish, I like her and I'm voting for her all to the championship..


I don't care what she is jew or irish, I like her and I'm rooting per her all the way to championship..


Jamie, her facebook is:


@ pete: u r a moron. besides, she's Irish. Siobhan all the way!


omg i love Siobhan shes amazing!!!i love her!!! shes soo pretty and awesome at singing!!! anybody no a way of contacting her?? like does she have a youtube account or anything??


I love this girls hobby.

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