Sign of the Apocalypse: Kim Kardashian Featured on NASCAR Racing Car

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While NASCAR is a popular sport, it's often ridiculed for a number of reasons:

All anyone actually does is turn left over and over; the cars do more work than the drivers; no one in the crowd is sober.

Understandably, fans of the sport take exception to these taunts, but they might have trouble defending NASCAR against the following piece of ridiculous news:

Kim Kardashian is now featured on a car.

Set to run during the Shelby American NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, the vehicle is sponsored by Sephora. It's pink, it's number is 36 (not 69?!?) and it's more proof that Kim loves to ride on something hard that goes fast...

Kim Kar

On her official blog, Kardashian wrote: I can't believe I actually have my own NASCAR racing car!

Neither can we, Kim. Neither can we.

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kim k blows


Way to sling it back at her Sara! Even with the minor faux pas,you still stood your ground---Cool...That's what we in the South call 'grit'. I happen to be a big fan of grit. It's what makes character.
So what if the car's pink? Broc Glover won supercross championships with a white and pink Yamaha and leathers. The car represents Kim,and the international color for females since time began has been pink,guys baby blue,right? It remains to be seen what the car can actually do,or the driver for that matter. What's wrong with her(Kim)enjoying a moment over seeing herself on a Nascar? I would probably gush a moment or two if it were me(Though I hope it would have more black & purple,cause that's my colors,Ha,ha!)Later;Hollywood...


*shut up*


two words for u ashlee shout up


two words for her - trash bag!