Seriously, Extra?!?

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While Tiger Woods tries to piece his life back together, isn't it nice to see his most famous mistress using her promiscuity to land a new job?

Sources confirm that Extra has hired Rachel Uchitel as a special correspondent. Her qualifications as a reporter? She has slept with Woods, Derek Jeter and Bones star David Boreanaz.

Said a representative for this shameless entertainment news program:

"A very special episode of 'The Hot List' airs this coming weekend on Extra Weekend, including Rachel Uchitel as "Extra's" 'ultimate insider,' who will report on what's hot in Hollywood on this week's episode."

Insert your preferred, easy punchline now. We'll go with either: Numerous male celebrities would agree, it's ultimately a cinch to get insider her.


You better get checked for STDs, The Hot List, you aren't exactly the first thing Uchitel has been on recently.


Extra should know better. The moral majority will turn it off when Rachel appears. I know I will. Hiring her is moral decay all the way. So sad!


Extra? Who are they..oh yes that was the show that had that other sick person as a host. Just lost whatever credibility they had left. Hiring this Uchitel chick just goes to show you how low they've gone. Who knows if Uchitel keeps performing (if you know what I mean) she could be hosting the show soon. What a poor excuse for journalism. And to report on Hollywood? She doesn't even live there. Get real Extra!


+1 to Snarf. Remember two years ago when our NY gov Eliot Spizter had to resign because he was caught up in a HUGE sex scandal with a high priced call girl? Well, she now has a "Relationship and Sex Advice" colum in the New York Post. Now, I am quite liberal. I believe in gay marriage, right to choose, guys waxing thier eye brows and all that... ...but... She is a prostitute.


Tiger Woods is doom! It seems that all his mistresses are out to get him. It appears to me that Tiger will never be able to get his life back. Not with all those rabid women out there, waiting to attack. It is very sad that Tiger brought all this unto himself and his family. I can’t stop thinking that Elin Nordegren and two innocent children are the true victims in this tragedy and my heart goes to them!


Guess those who go to school to get into journalism have got it all wrong. Sleep with married men, sell your story to the Enquirer, hire a had-ass of a lawyer, recieve a pay-off to shut up about it is the way to go.


What the heck is wrong with morals in our country??? Why would any person want to make a celebrity out of a homewrecker who almost destroyed (or at least was a party to) a marriage? Why are we glorifying anything about her or any of the women he was with? To me that is just a slap in the face. Work hard, be a good person and no one will give you the time of day. Knowingly sleep with a married celebrity and not only will we give you the time, we'll give you air time, a job, etc. Pathetic.


slept her way into a "paying" jod i see