Ryan Kwanten to Taylor Swift: Come to True Blood!

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In a recent interview with Hollywoodlife.com, Ryan Kwanten made one thing clear:

He's more than just a ridiculously attractive body. The True Blood star also has a good head on those broad shoulders.

When asked at the Producers Guild Awards about Taylor Swift possibly appearing on the HBO hit, Kwanten replied:

“I’d like Taylor [to guest star on True Blood]. That’d be kind of cool... I get the feeling that she likes to break down boundaries. She set a bunch of records, so why not get into the acting world and see if she can’t tackle that, too?"

Swift, of course, is already doing so, as she's one of 97 stars appearing in Valentine's Day. But we think she'd fit in perfectly on True Blood, don't you?

She could be a vampire and pretend each of her prey is Kanye West.


How can I get in touch with the author of this post? Great writing. Thanks, Patrick


Noooooo. Nice girl and songs and everything but please noooo. She's too mainstream and would ruin the dark humour of the show. Look at all the shows that started having all those famouse guest stars. That was the beginning of the end for ally mcbeal, not that true blood is anything like ally mcbeal but it just smells of disaster and desperation if have to pull in big names when the show is good enough on its own merit. It will be the demise of it if they have her or any big guests....don't do it! If it aint broke...


Why would she reduce herself to some lame TV show? Don't do it girl! You're too big for them. I understand why you did CSI, that's a big show but do not reduce yourself to some stupid vampire drama. PLEASE.


Oh no... I've heard enough of this girl.. I don't need to see her on my fav tv show too!!! Damn it!!

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