Rozlyn Papa Calls Out The Bachelor, Chris Harrison

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Rozlyn Papa, who was kicked off The Bachelor for an alleged relationship with a crew member, will be back for The Women Tell All special - with a vengeance.

She returned to confront her accusers at the taping for the traditional pre-season finale Women Tell All special with a shocking accusation of her own this time.

“I wasn’t nice to Chris Harrison,” the model said of The Bachelor host-pimp, who banished her for a supposed "inappropriate relationship" with Ryan Callahan.

Of her non-relationship with Callahan, who was also canned, Rozlyn says “Everyone who knows me knows that it wasn’t true and it’s all kind of silly.”

Rozlyn Papa says she called out Harrison, who she says “does not do well handling actual confrontation... it wasn’t scripted, he does well with scripted."

Chris Harrison: Bachelor Host

Rozlyn Papa is calling out Chris Harrison's meddling ... and flirting.

After Chris told her that he was hurt because one of "our dear friends" was fired over her supposed relations with him, Rozlyn retorted, "It’s funny you say that."

"I talk to this producer, the fact that you are friends is news to him. He didn’t get a friendly vibe when you were hitting on his wife last year in New Zealand!”


According to Rozlyn, Chris reacted poorly to her accusations. “He did not stomach it very well. He tried to play it off at first but you could tell he was pissed.”

The 28-year-old vixen says her time on stage abruptly ended after she accused Harrison, who is married, of hitting on Ryan Callahan’s wife (who dumped him).

“As soon as Chris Harrison started getting angry they whisked me off stage,” she said. “They’re crafty, those people over at The Bachelor. I hope they air it.”

We wouldn't bet on it.


This bothers me. I can't believe people watch a show about a man who has been so unbelievably unsuccessful finding love with *gasp* only one person at a time, so he now has to come on a show and date 25 women who are bitchy and read off cue cards. It's not genuine. It's 25 comically desperate individuals fighting for the love of 1 desperate individual, knowing completely there is absolutely no possibility they will last. Rozlyn, get over it. It's honestly better that you're not on the Bachelor anymore, and you can now try and find someone who isn't cheating on you with 25 other girls with your full consent and knowledge. Get over it, EVERYONE. Mr. "on the wings of love" isn't worth it.


When there are twenty five (25) women after one man,there is bound to be Trouble with a capital T. When the woman is not kicked to the curve right away, it encourages her that she might just be the one.The closer it comes for The Bachelor to do the "pickin" out of his strawberry patch,the more sour the fruit becomes,because Mom and Dad, and everyone that you ever told that you were going to be on TV are watching.When you get a rose, the world is watching,and when you get kicked to the curve,the world is still watching,the only difference now is, you walk away totally rejected, not only in front of family,and friends, but in front of millions of people,and then you are left completely on your own!The only way to salvage the hurt is to become The next Bachelorette.Right Trista??


Wow...classy, guess her way of defending herself is to try to draw the attention off of herself? Where is this guy that she supposedly messed with & why isn't he or his ex-fiance stepping forward to defend themselves, too....after all, this guys lost his fiance and his job...all because of nothing but this girl missing her child....who else does this not make any sense to....

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