Ronnie Magro Apologizes For Use of Gay Slurs

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Jersey Shore star Ronnie Magro has issued an apology for the homophobic rampage he went on during one of his many fights on the freshman MTV reality series.

The hothead gets in so many brawls, it's hard to even keep them straight. But after letting loose some gay slurs in one of the, Ronnie says he got carried away.

Ronnie and Sammi on Jersey Shore

Blaming the whole ordeal on "the heat of the moment," Ronnie says he's sorry for the disgusting rant in question, which was made public earlier this week.

Never-before-seen footage of his first Jersey Shore brawl leaked online, and made Ronnie look like an even bigger idiot than The Situation is a womanizer.

Before this, Ronnie Magro was one of the most likable Jersey Shore stars.

In the video, Ronnie can be heard calling a guy on the boardwalk a "f**king f**got" and a "f**king queer" right before he beats the hell out of him. What a class act.

Yesterday, Ronnie posted on Twitter: "I apologize to my fans, In the heat of the moment i said a lot of things i didnt mean and im very sorry... i love my creepy fans."

Maybe they'll still love him, but we've lost respect. Why those words are even in people's vocabulary in this day and age is beyond us. Wouldn't "a$$hole" suffice?

No word how Sammi Giancola reacted to Ronnie's apology, or if they are broken up or getting back together at this very minute. One can never be sure with them.


This fool is a major dumb ass, bashing people like that so will not help his career. In fact his sorry is LAME! I'm not a fan of this show, think its stupid as hell and this dude shows that it is. OH and way to blow your gay following.


I notice that this slimy guido did not apologize to the LGTB community, which is WHO he should have apologized to. Makes you wonder why God places people like this scum-bag on earth who have nothing to offer society but date-rapes and gay-bashing. Ronnie - YOU are the f a g g o t that you use to insult another human being. YOU are the f a g g o t, buddy.


They fight, they fight, they fight they fight they fight, fight fight fight - fight fight fight It's the Ronnie and Sammi show! As for the gay slurs, meh. Obviously with his mentality (roided out meathead) this is the absolute worst you can call another guy. Dumbass.

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