Robert Pattinson Praises Emile de Ravin, Speaks on First Impression

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His heart may still belong to Kristen Stewart, but Robert Pattinson's words of praise are all about a different actress these days.

That's just part of the job for an actor promoting a new movie, as Pattinson stars in Remember Me, scheduled for a March 12 release.

He'll share both the screen and a few lip locks with Emilie de Ravin, who portrays his character's love interest in the drama. Earlier this week, Robert spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the Lost star.

“I was shooting the end New Moon in Italy and we were going through casting for [Remember Me]. The director said, ‘I think I found this girl I think you’ll find quite interesting,’ and sent me this e-mail with her audition tape.

"My Internet connection was so slow that I could only get the beginning, which was her messing up for about 35 seconds. She was really funny messing up and kind of quite charismatic... I thought she was actually doing the scene and kind of just improvising with it and just making it up.”

How will these two mesh on screen? Very well, based on the photo below. Will you go see Remember Me?

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am I the only one ho's noticed that Robs shirt matches the pillow case, or is pretty close at least, in this picture...?


Oh look the girl can smile, unlike someone else we know, lucky girl.


sweet looking couple


Rob is a great actor, and i am sure he did a great job with this movie, but i won't be seeing this in the movie cinama because i don't go to movies i will rent it when it comes out, it does look good but it also looks like a show from the Lifetime Network, but hey i could be wrong.


No I will not be seeing this movie. From the trailers I have seen, it is not a new plot of any kind same ol same ol story. The shower scene and the first date trailers look kind of stupid to me and doesn't get my interest enough to pay to see it. It is a total renter movie! As much as I love looking at Rob,I will just wait to rent it. I hope the movie has better scenes than what they have shown us. Seeing Rob make out with someone isn't going to get me into the theatre! Sorry Rob!


ROB I LOVE U UR SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXXXXXXXY IM SEEING urr movie 50x in a row...... i love u and i am marring you.and......could u PLEASE make an album if ur afraid no ones gonna buy it (wich everyone OBVIOUSLEY willl) i will buy every single copy. i (heart) you soooooooo much


his heart still always and forever belong to kristen stewart i love them toghether but i will see the movie cause it' s look so nice and romantic movie and i love this kinds of movies....


I will see it. Hope everyone does too.