Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Slapped on the Wrist

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Settle down, Robsten supporters.

There was a bit of Internet buzz yesterday that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had broken up, or at least taken a break from seeing each other.

But E! News has clarified its original report and now states the following: Rob and Kristen are very much together and quite happy, but multiple movie studio executives would like them to cool off just a bit.

"Let's just say Rob and Kristen got a slap on the wrist," said an insider. "Everyone, from their management to the studios involved in their upcoming movies, is worried [Rob and Kristen] will start to become... distracted."

This concern seems a bit misguided, considering how rarely the couple is actually seen together and how mature each side handles the relationship.

But there are a lot of jobs and a lot of money at stake on each actor's next film - The Runaways for Stewart and Remember Me for Pattinson - and sources say higher-ups wish to make sure that Pattinson and Stewart have their eyes on the proverbial ball.

Of course, these same suits will be pushing Robert and Kristen to travel everywhere together when it's time to promote Eclipse. It can't be easy to date in Hollywood.

Hang in there, you two!

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fight for your love r/k. i'm kidding..they are adults and are their own bosses if they want to make time for each other they will.


I’m not a dime a dozen your right. I’m that rare coin baby.. lol I know there would never be even an encounter with Rob I was just joking… I’m 24 with a house a man and a 14-month-old baby. I work a good job and I’m happy. But I can still dream!


Rob and Kristin's exec's need to take a chill pill. You can't help who you fall in love with. To tell them to cool off with the relationship is stupid. Married people have their relationship and career. Rob and Kristin can too. You guys need to leave them alone. They will manage. After all they are professionals.


I hope that you two can fall in love with each other!!
Twilight need you.


Hey!! What's with the meaness + there are alot of chances he can fall for anyone celebrity's to have a heart . There's np chem bet. the 2 of them.


You crazy girls have no self-respect at all. Get a life! It's people like you that makes Rpatzz want to run and avoid you. Guys like Kstew but we don't say things that make us seem trashy. Girls like you are a dime a dozen.


or crazy thought. they aren't seen together all the time because they are not dating. or rather they aren't seen kissing etc all the time because they aren't dating (there's not one kissing photo) they aren't madly in love, secretly married or any of the rest of it. their whole relationship and the total love blah blah is tabloid hit fodder and nothing more. because it sells better than them being good friends. same with all the conspiracies about them lying all this time especially all the repeated times that Rob has said he's single.


I totally agree with u crazyb. I guess we have pretty good competition with KStew.


awww i hope there still together


darn I wish they would break up I want rob!!!

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