Robert Pattinson Admits: I Am Dating Kristen Stewart

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We are together, yes.

With those words, spoken at this Sunday night's BAFTA Awards in London, Robert Pattinson took attention away from his matted hair and placed it squarely back on his relationship with Kristen Stewart.

Hot Trio

After months of rumors, speculation, innuendo and ridiculous tabloid cover stories, Pattinson spoke publicly for the first time about he and his Twilight Saga co-star.

He told Great Britain's The Sun that he and Kristen have a difficult time dating in the spotlight - but, yes, they are dating.

"It is extremely difficult but we are together, yes," Robert said. "We can't arrive at the same time because of the fans. It goes crazy. This was supposed to be a public appearance as a couple, but it's impossible. We are here together and it's a public event, but it's not easy.

"We have to do all this stuff to avoid attention."

There you have it, folks. There's been little doubt for a very long time now, but Robsten has been made official. As always, we wish Robert and Kristen noting but happiness!


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Yes finally u look good together don't sweat it


i luv this couple alot wish u a happy & long lasting relation


Der juz lovely...!


i hv watchd twilight hundreds of tym every part i dnt knw wats dere in pattinson face it gets me away i cnt see him in pain i lv watchin him on screen he is amazin i think i m in lv wid u pattinson


Man you need to keep making your movies bec they are really good.. i love them...i read all most read all of your books and they are good to you need to keep making them lol....


oh my gosh rpattz is sooo hot!


OMFG! Rob and Kristen are so cute together!! I can´t wait until Braking Dawn movie comes!! I have read all the books also that one about Bree Tanner! And I really love them!! But I don´t think they are together, it´s just the press hwo´s writing it... :( but I want them to be together!! I just want more and more of the Twilight movies and books!!


I love Rob and Kristen, I love Edward and Bella, this is the most wonderful, beatiful and true love in the world. And I love also all Twilight books and films fans.


live together for ever with real love and be happy couple in world.


de'r great 2gedr. wish em hapiness

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