Rielle Hunter: Cheating on John Edwards with Jeff Goldblum?

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John Edwards is a bad person. He knocked up some weird videographer while married to his lovely, cancer-stricken wife, the mother of his three children.

He then tried to lie his way out of this, engaging in a huge cover-up potentially aided by funds donated to his campaign for President of the United States.

That's hard to top, but perhaps what goes around comes around. At the same time Rielle Hunter was doing him, she too was reportedly having an affair ...

... with Jeff Goldblum!

The Law & Order: Criminal Intent star met Rielle in 2006 at the Playhouse West acting school and repertory theater in N. Hollywood, where he teaches.

"Jeff said he was in love," a source says, and at this point, you can't discredit anything. "They were extremely close - totally, 100 percent, a major item."

Jeff and Rielle

This is the weirdest love triangle ever.

They were so serious that when the blonde nut job got pregnant in 2007, Jeff naturally assumed the baby was his - and Rielle Hunter even led him on.

“He asked her,” says the source. “She'd only say, 'Maybe.' She kept him guessing."

THG NOTE: Why the hell would anyone get involved with Rielle Hunter?

When it clear he was not the dad, Jeff, who now dates Tania Raymonde (a.k.a. Ben's daughter on Lost) ended the affair. Rielle was hardly heartbroken.

“Rielle really didn’t care that she lost Jeff,” says a source close to the bat$h!t crazy woman. “She knew he was just a fling. She cared more for John.” 

And his $18,000 a month in child support.

Not to worry, Jeff. Even if you did sleep with Rielle, at least you used protection or got lucky, and regardless, this rumor doesn't involve you being dead.


John Edwards is a dumbass, and his slutty girlfriend is a brazen, home-wrecking whore.


This disgusting slut isn't worth talking about. John & her deserve each other, Any whore who
would bed & get pregnant to a married man with a wife with terminal ca & small children
is a homewrecking gold digging bitch. John deserves this immoral hoe. Obviously his dick is more important than his wife & kids. If she'll sleep with you what's stopping her from slutting
around on you. DUMB ASS I hope you go to hell where you belong & God help your kids if
you get custody. I'm sure Rielle will teach them a trick or two. She looks like a used up
trailer trash hoe on Jerry Springer


Jeff, I thought you had more class than that! Still love ya, anyway, but come on!


Jeff must have been on heavy dope to do this pos. Or maybe he was blinded by some bad weed. Whatever, Hunter is one ugly mofo.


Druck one ugly fu_k. Edwards must have been smoking some heavy weed with that bitch to bang her.


If she cheats with you, she will cheat on you,say it ain't so,with Jeff Goldblum "The Fly"?? It is not right to have J.E. cheating with you, and you cheating on him with "The Fly" on the side.TGIF: Good thing that Jeff left when he did,I'm quite sure they he did not want to get caught up in the newspaper with all of this drama.


Jeff I am disappointed that you would even be remotely interested in this slut. To even give her a second glance or maybe you thought it was your dog, then to find out it wasn't and you still dated her. Lost points with me.


america sucks!


She probably gives one heck of a hummer.


What is it with hoes and some men?????

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