Report: Tiger Woods to Leave Sex Rehab This Week

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Tiger Woods will be completing his sex addiction rehab treatment this week and none other than wife Elin Woods is picking him up, according to reports.

Elin has flown to Hattiesburg, Miss., to bring Tiger home, sources say.

Fight For the Kids

The embattled golfing legend is at the end of his program at Gentle Path. When Tiger leaves he and Elin plan to go away together, alone, for a few days.

Reports suggest, and anecdotal evidence supports that Elin Woods has called off the divorce – at least for now – and is giving Tiger a second chance.

Elin Woods previously spent five days with Tiger as part of his therapy program. Security made sure she was unseen by the media in Hattiesburg.

Amazingly, Elin and Tiger Woods may still make this work.

“He should be out by the weekend,” a source close to the situation said, noting that it's just the beginning. “They are giving their marriage another try.”

Tiger Woods was planning to return to golf by the Spring, according to various reports, and that is still on schedule. He may try to play even sooner.

“He wants his life back,” one source said.

Tiger has been in rehab for about six weeks. A secret life of cheating was exposed when the National Enquirer outed his relationship with Rachel Uchitel.

There are 11 Tiger Woods mistresses we know about, and probably even more. But somehow, he seems to have weathered the marital storm with Elin.

Will sex addiction rehab help Tiger Woods?


If Elin goes back to Tiger it will prove she's nothing but a gold digging whore. The only thing she has ever cared about is getting her half of Tiger Gold Mine, Inc.


I totally agree with the post from wctw. He has to prove he is up to the task and has to much more than just the rehab.
He has to dissociate immediately from the trashy life he lived before the scandal. He has to apologize publicly to his wife and his kids for having put them through hell the past two months. He has to come clean by saying that Elin is the only one in his life and always will be. He has to fire all his entourage who helped him to live such a double life. And finally he has to revisit the prenup with a cheating clause : half his fortune at least sure he will think twice before cheating again.
Then he could come back to golf and be sure that no one will forget what he did.
Hope he learned the lesson.

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