Report: Evander Holyfield Beats Wife For Not "Putting God First"

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Sometimes, Christianity is subject to interpretation. Some believe the death penalty is immoral, for example; others feel it is the only just solution at times.

Beating your wife because she isn't "putting God first," however? It's hard to see a way in which Christ would justify that one. Sorry, Evander Holyfield.

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The former world heavyweight champ always made it clear he had no plans to retire from fighting - we just didn't know he was referring to the bedroom!

His current and third wife, Candi Holyfield, called the police after the couple got into a fight at their home last week. It all started because it was cold.

No, seriously. She claims the heat was off in their Georgia mansion and as she took their kids to the bathroom in the night, she complained to Evander.

“He told me I was only thinking about myself, and the children’s hearts beat faster,” she wrote in a court declaration seeking a restraining order against him.

The "deeply religious" boxer accused her of being disrespectful to God when pulled the covers over her head, and said she needed to “start putting God first.”

Maybe so, but come on, dude. You can afford to set the heat at 68.

Holyfield refused to let up, asking his wife if she'd been tithing. He asked for check stubs of her payments to their church and after she refused ... look out.

Candi alleges Holyfield hit her in the face on the back of the head twice and on her back. She claims Holyfield hurt her before in the presence of their kids.

Understandably, now Candi wants out.

“She is fed-up with his womanizing and money troubles," says a source. "She is working as a nurse and is now in the process of finding a new place to live."

The boxer, who was once married to Paulette Brown and then Dr. Janice Itson, claims he’s not earning as much as he once did. Eleven kids will do that.

Three wives, 11 kids, multiple violent episodes. Talk about putting God first! Evander has not spoken with cops. He and Candi are due in court Feb. 18.


I'm all for regular attendance at church,but he needs to answer his wife's "prayers" and take the "gloves" off at home!!


Southern black men raised up in strict Christianity have no business marrying gold diggers looking for green cards. This woman conned him into a marriage within a month of knowing her, now he is going to pay a heavy price for that foolish mistake. They have nothing in common. One day they will learn to run the other way from these women from pagan cultures.


"Holy" BAT-MAN
Being "deeply religiou" does not mean that you have to "beat the hell out of your wife".
Just because she works as a "nurse" does not mean that she wants to be all bandaged up,nursing her wounds,and moving to General Hospital.
Quick, Put him in the "cooler",and throw the(prayer)book at him.
Get him a bottle of "holy"water, and call Mike Tyson so that he can take "another" bite out of crime.


There were talks that because of his years of fighting that he is mentally unstable.


Behind closed doors,this man is still a "fighter".
It's a good thing that Mrs. H called the "rescue squad".
When she became his "punching bag" it became restraining order time.
What is he now, the new O.J.??
Mrs. H. You did the right thing by leaving, the next thing you know, he'll be trying to take a stab at you!!!


Say it ain't so!!
A "Holy"War??
Mike Tyson,where are you??"HOLY"FIELD needs another "ear-opener".

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