Report: Evander Holyfield Beats Wife For Not "Putting God First"

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Sometimes, Christianity is subject to interpretation. Some believe the death penalty is immoral, for example; others feel it is the only just solution at times.

Beating your wife because she isn't "putting God first," however? It's hard to see a way in which Christ would justify that one. Sorry, Evander Holyfield.

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The former world heavyweight champ always made it clear he had no plans to retire from fighting - we just didn't know he was referring to the bedroom!

His current and third wife, Candi Holyfield, called the police after the couple got into a fight at their home last week. It all started because it was cold.

No, seriously. She claims the heat was off in their Georgia mansion and as she took their kids to the bathroom in the night, she complained to Evander.

“He told me I was only thinking about myself, and the children’s hearts beat faster,” she wrote in a court declaration seeking a restraining order against him.

The "deeply religious" boxer accused her of being disrespectful to God when pulled the covers over her head, and said she needed to “start putting God first.”

Maybe so, but come on, dude. You can afford to set the heat at 68.

Holyfield refused to let up, asking his wife if she'd been tithing. He asked for check stubs of her payments to their church and after she refused ... look out.

Candi alleges Holyfield hit her in the face on the back of the head twice and on her back. She claims Holyfield hurt her before in the presence of their kids.

Understandably, now Candi wants out.

“She is fed-up with his womanizing and money troubles," says a source. "She is working as a nurse and is now in the process of finding a new place to live."

The boxer, who was once married to Paulette Brown and then Dr. Janice Itson, claims he’s not earning as much as he once did. Eleven kids will do that.

Three wives, 11 kids, multiple violent episodes. Talk about putting God first! Evander has not spoken with cops. He and Candi are due in court Feb. 18.


David think about your name substitution


I know good and well this can't be true how in the devil he try to hold someone accountable and he can't even hold his self accountable of loving his wife as Christ love the church!He can't even control his penis!! all of those darn children.


Hey, boxing in the ring sounds appealing but when it gets to the bedroom,Mhh!It gets to be somethin' else.


Bernice is right. Has it occurred to anyone reading this account that there are two sides to every story? As for David's comments, they are as ill-considered and ignorant as his language is sophomoric. He says that "Christianity is a sexist religion." He is either making a joke, or he knows nothing of world religions. If you want to visit places where women are given equality, the vote, and every right that a human being might want (even if it took awhile to get to that point), go to a country where the Bible is preached and Christianity is believed. If you want to see a place where women are treated like animals, slaves, or whores, go to a non-Christian country. If Holyfield's wife was abused, she was right to leave. But we have only her word on that. She would not be the first to make claims against her spouse that were not entirely accurate. A lot of stones are being thrown in these comments, but I'm not sure any of us are worthy to throw them.


You do not have to "jump on"someone because you feel that they can "add more to the plate". I've seen it in church, where the more you give, the more they want, and even after you have dug deep into your wallet,they remind you that they need a new roof, and then encourage you to "give yourlast" because you are going to get it back.Sure, right, absolutely, you are going to get it back on next paycheck after working all week to give it all away on Sundays,(of course I am not talking about me in this).If Mr. Holyfield wants to punch something,let it be a timeclock,evidently he has too much time on his hands.Because he is a prize fighter,his hands are considered to be lethal weapons.
His wife did the right thing by leaving,she know that by his behavior, this marriage does not stand a "fighting chance"!!


Bernice. She isnt the bad person in this. Its a shame when women blame the abuse on the woman. Marrying a successful man isnt a crime nor is it gold digging. Marrying successful men is not a sin in the bible. Its actually very smart especially for minority women to do so. When we say our society treats women as equals.. .we mean white women. Minority women have TWO glass ceilings: one for being woman and a second for being a minority. Marrying successful men levels the playing field and is good for the children who need financial security in their parents. But... evander is a bad example of a successful man. Most successful men like my father grow RICHER as they aged...but the fools like evander grow poorer. And most "pagan" cultures have a much lower divorce rate than the southern bible belt. These days a christian man is better off marrying a muslim woman than a southern christian woman. He's more likely to have a faithful wife who values marriage.


Just because you don't "field" that the other person is being a cheerful giver, does not mean that you have to go down with a fight.


Womanizing and money problems?
"Holy" cow, how can he be considered a womanizer when he has only been married 3 times.
How could he possibly have money problems,after all there are not too many people that get "paid" to fight, and he's been in a lot of them. Whether his wife likes it or not, with his deeply religious views,one thing that you can be sure of,Mr.Evander Holyfield is going to "FIGHT" for his marriage.


Oh, this is so wrong. What has wanting to be warm at home got to do with "putting God first"? And no husband has the right to hit a wife.


@Bernice: "One day they will learn to run the other way from these women from pagan cultures." So you're saying it's her Pagan upbringing, not HIS Christian upbringing, that caused him to hit her? Blaming the victim, are we?

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