Raging Grannies Call Out CBS on Corporate Bull$hit

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The Women's Media Center is not the only organization angry at CBS for approving the controversial Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial that espouses an anti-abortion viewpoint.

A singing group called the South Florida Raging Grannies has a message for the network, one we can't print on this family website. Check it out below:

Regardless of where you stand on abortion, let's give Tebow a break:

Based on his evaluation by pro scouts, this is likely the only chance he'll ever have to actually star on Super Bowl Sunday.


Don't think the grannies have to worry much! CBS can't even be seen most of the time as their signal of less than 58 is too low for viewers with converter boxes...the advertisers are not getting the number of viewers that they think they are! Definitely corporate BS!!!


Is it wrong that I've furiously masturbated to that video three times today? And that I'm still at the office?


choice...apparently these grannys that want a choice really don't want others to know about their options....see the hypocrisy...what is a "choice" without options. Cry for freedom of speech but decry the freedom when it is used by those that oppose your opinion....why don't you go campaign outside the maternity ward, you hypocrites...

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