Publicist Claims: Whitney Houston is Just Fine, Thanks

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These days, Whitney Houston sounds like Britney Spears and looks like Courtney Love.

We wish this singer the best, but watch her sing in Australia. She's an absolute mess.

But that's actually not true, publicist Kristen Foster somehow claims. She told E! News yesterday:

"Whitney is in great health and having a terrific time on her tour and with her fans. There were over 9,000 people at her show in Brisbane, and there were over 12,000 at Acer Arena last night in Sydney. Her fans were dancing and singing along with her and Whitney appreciates their support."

Whitney Houston Picture

But with Whitney stopping mid-song to take water breaks, and actually having back-up singers hit the high notes on "I Will Always Love You," many concert-goers have been anything but supportive.

One audience member told that Houston "couldn't entertain a dead rat," which may be our favorite quote of the decade.

The Sydney Morning Herald tried to offer Whitney a few props, citing her "incoherence," but saying those in attendance eventually "warmed to her."

Sadly, at this point in her once-incredible career, this passes for high praise for Houston.


Michael your comment isn't fair. There is always a few idiots in any crowd. Please don't blame all Australians because of a few bad ones.
I also believe Whitney maybe of taken a few years off to work on her voice. Do you honestly believe her 2010 world tour should of gone ahead the way her voice was? Iam sure she knew she wasn't 100%.


I think that those critics should absolutely shut their mouuths up. Whitney hasn't performed there in Austrailia in over 20 years. But I think personally, there are so many people in Austrailia who want Whitney to actually die the way Michael Jackson tragically passed away last year. That negativity was the reason she has considered ending her career and walking away from singing, because so many people abused her and made fun of her as a never-ending joke. As a die hard Whitney fan, I think Whitney should continue the tour and enjoy herself, because if everyone keeps hurting her like that and lampooning her, she could easily relapse into those drug problems because of everyone making fun of her rather than showing support for her.


The upside is the performer showing up.It is my understanding that
Whitney is showing up.As long as she continues to keep her nose clean,
there is a possibility that she will be able to give the first rate performances that is she is known for.