Producer Pushing Lindsay Lohan-Lady Gaga Duet

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Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga collaborating in the studio?

Don't bet on it, but producer Rodney Jerkins, who's going to be out of work if he keeps coming up with ideas like this, says he'd like the two to work together.

"I can pair them up," says Jerkins, who recently collaborated on Gaga's "Telephone" with Beyoncé. "I would love it. I would love to see what could happen."

While it sounds like convincing the Lost writers to collaborate with the total hacks who bring you Heroes, Jerkins thinks this would be a can't miss project.

He also thinks Lohan can be the next big thing in music. We were thinking that she can be the next big thing in 5150 holds at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Linds Can't Deal
Ga Ga Ooh La La

A Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga collaboration? We don't see it. Talk about diluting the brand! Gaga's, that is. [Pics:; Splash News Online]

"If she stays focused, she has what it takes," Jerkins said, seemingly seriously. "I've talked to her, and I said, 'You've got what it takes. I believe in you.'"

"I've seen people question actresses who have wanted to become pop stars, and they don't have it. I believe she has it, something deep down."

"I think there's something there. It just needs to be pulled out."

The only thing pulled out when it comes to Lohan is ... forget it.

Basically, don't hold your breath for this duet. Lady Gaga's Grammy performance showed what a dynamic performer she is. Lohan? Not in her league.


Suing for what the truth. OMG you drunk ass bitch get a life. You look like shit form all your drug use. Look in a mirror you've aged 20 years. Congrats for screwing yourself up. I wanted to have sex with you when you were clean. drugged up drunk HO forget you..


Lady GaGa can GaGaGobble my balls! What a loser, so this is a perfect lineup. They plan to masturbate eachother while I'll be tea-bagging them ping-pong style with my big hairy balls. Can't wait to explode my wad all over their faces!


why r u people so in some kind of hate with Lindsay ??? everyone makes mistakes,and don't hate her for that...she's a beautiful,hot,sexy,very good person,smart-clever,and people,say about her what u want,she doesn't care ;))) and when u spread rumors about her,u even make her more famous than she is ;))) so,u maybe think u ruing her life and carrier,but that's so not true ;) and to,FUCK YOU !! ur site sucks,it's full of lies,and U'll guys see Lindsay's success,and then,U'll die of jeliosy ;)))

Sydney strange

I think that this producer needs to wake up and get the spunk out his eyes to see that pairing Beyonce with lady gaga was one of his most unsucessful moves as far as Video Phone goes. The song is so boring all she does is make moaning songs and say video phone like a dying cat. she tries to hard to put a sexy voice on. Also the video clip is ridiculous I dont see what little plastic guns have to do with taking porn pics on some random dudes phone. (yeah real classy beyonce, teach young girls to porn themselves off and get naked for randoms) and she does is stand around shaking her plait around her head looking like shes from star trek.


Jerkins know his stuff thats why he's successfull at his job. Lindsay is a talented and hot girl maybe not in the same level of music performence as Gaga but just the same could be said of Gagawhen it comes to acting she is not in Lindsay's league.


I think this "producer" has been taking too many meds. He obviously has his cranium implanted into his anus.

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