Pink at the Grammy Awards: Hot or Not?

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She started out in a white robe and ended up in nearly nothing at all.

Indeed, while the Grammy Awards were dominated by Beyonce, Taylor Swift and a moving tribute to Michael Jackson, Pink also made quite an impression on viewers.

The singer performed a version of "Glitter in the Air" by making like a scantily clad acrobat. Spinning in the air, Pink donned nothing but white straps over a flesh-colored body suit, along with a few strategically placed sequins.

Even with Lady GaGa in attendance, this was the fashion statement of the night:

Pink on Stage
Almost Nude

Pink's outfit is...

Watch Pink's entire performance below, from robe-covered start to skin-exposed finish.


Dude pink's really hot nd gals would kill to have a rockin body lyk hers


pink i luv ya and all but wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy ttttoooooooooooo far this time bit dogy if u ask me but still luv ya x


Hey Jake... The comment of Hellion was supposed to be sarcasm. I think that if there's one arrogant twit and jerk, it's you. Or maybe, ignorant? What are you? 14? 15?


pink is totally hot and those that think she is not open your eyes you blind people im sure all you girls out there would kill for her fit body this chick rocks


Pink's performance was unique and interesting therefore one of the best. I totally enjoyed that.


Hellion, you stupid jerk. That isn't Annie Lennox you arrogant twit!

Sydney strange

Fuck pink's hideous. If there were one star who definitely could be a man its Pink. What the fuck is she wearing its neither flattering or expressive. go home pink.


I loved her performance!!! I thought it was the best one!!


Glad to see Annie Lennox back in action after all these years.


Why?? I just dont' get it, I would be extremely embarrassed if I was seen in that get up. Not cute at all.

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