Phil Harris Continues to Make Progress

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He may host Deadliest Catch, but Phil Harris isn't letting the Grim Reaper catch up with him.

The reality TV star is making major progress after suffering a stroke last week. He's now breathing on his own.

A family source told TMZ that doctors are "extremely impressed" with Harris' progress. So are we.

The sea captain had been using breathing tubes to help circulate oxygen through his body, but these have now been removed and his motor skills are returning to normal.

Moreover, Harris has regained feeling in the left side of his body... and he's cursing like, well, a sailor. That's a good sign.

Harris hopes to move home as soon as possible. We'll let you know when this happens.


Like the swearing like a sailor!! Hope the recovery goes well having a stroke hits you like a train and then when you think you are over the worst of it it hits you again and knocks you flat on your arse. Well I guess the true mettle of a man or woman is to get back up and keep going. Im 5 years post stroke this year and will be 37 when that day arrives older non the wiser but keepin smiling good luck in the coming weeks years etc


As stroke survivor myself, I know what Phil is going through and I wish him all the best. I suffered a major stroke last February 6th and after surgery I spent two months in the hospital but I am home now and have regained all of my faculties. back on my feet jogging two or three times a week and basically doing just fine as i'm sure Phil will. good luck and God bless Phil and his entire family. thank you Phil and hurry back to the CM