PETA Billboard to Mock Tiger Woods' Sex Life

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Never one to shy away from controversy, exhibit good taste or achieve anything of significance for their alleged cause, PETA is planning a new Tiger Woods ad.

Unlike most PETA ads, which show celebrities espousing pet adoption, not wearing fur, etc., this one uses the Tiger Woods scandal as a PR-grabbing punchline.

The billboard, planned for directly in the embattled golf star's neighborhood, no less, will ostensibly promote PETA's mission of spaying and neutering pets.

In reality, though, it's just a cheap shot at Tiger Woods ...

Tiger Woods PETA Ad

Needless to say, PETA created this without Tiger Woods' blessing.

"Too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing... for little tigers, too. Help keep your cats (and dogs) out of trouble: Always spay or neuter," the waste of space group says.

While THG will never be Woods apologists (unlike this guy), we are once again struck by how low PETA will go for attention, and what little it accomplishes.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the only hitch is that PETA needs a billboard company who will agree to put up the sign ... and that could be a tall order.

"It's a fun, tongue-in-cheek approach. We hope these billboard companies will understand," Virginia Fort, a campaigner with PETA, told the paper of the ad.

Fort also suggested, ridiculously, that Woods would "appreciate" it, since it's in good fun and  "turning his sex scandal into something positive for little tigers."

Mmm. Yeah. Somehow we doubt it. Watch your back, Virginia Fort. Elin Woods may be coming after you with a 9-iron shortly after this ad makes its debut.

PETA's Tiger Woods billboard is ...


Since PETA is about animal rights,I believe that they are upset that they did not "Catch Tiger" cheating.They got the news second-hand like everybody else. Before Tiger's accident there was no clue,or no interest in Tiger's (married)life outside of playing golf.He was #1 and everybody was happy.Once the news of the accident was leaked, we all were worried about him.At some point after the accident because Tiger was no longer a$$e$$able to all these women,they came out of the woodwork to $take a claim on him.
If Tiger had not been in that accident last year,he would still be playing golf, no one would be the Wiser,and PETA would be trying to find another celebrity to put their "paws"on.


@Davis - Deceived by the devil, am I? That doesn't sound like you're delusional at all. Sarcasm font. In case you don't remember, the bible also says women should not be treated as equal to men and that slavery is completely morally okay. I don't like PETA. I hate their slutty campaigns, I hate their need for attention and I hate how they treat animals; they've done some horrible things. But that does not in any way mean I will stop defending the rights of those who can't defend themselves.


Extremely poor taste. His wife can see this and it is no laughing matter to her.


Those that played the harlot want an apology from Tiger what a joke.Some unmoved by Tiger apology who cares!


Correction...I hope Tiger sue PETA for every penny that sick group has.Sue them Tiger and get Vick's money back.


I hope Tiger Woods suit PETA from every penny that sick group has.I hate Michael Vick gave them one red cent.That organization is sick.Anyone one that believe any animal is worth one human life is deceived by the devil."All animals are apart the food chain.Genesis 9:3 Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything."Let those users and haters stop eating and feeding their dogs meat since they love animals so much. In their eyes their part of the food chain is more worthy of life than a cow, pig and sheep etc.A Million dollars to PETA while people made in God's image are without food and shelters.Suit them Tiger and get vick's money back.






Every time I hear about Peta all I want to do is throw a ton of meat on the bbq and have a meat feast. Is that peta's goal? To aggravate everyone to the point of doing the opposite of their campaign?


The media should stop using Tiger Woods and his family for high ratings and sales. Tiger is trying to put his life back together and he has a right to do so. Tiger wants to save his marriage and family, let him do it!!! Get off their back!!!

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