Octomom to Appear on The View

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Horrible, society-draining, fame-seeking mother of octuplets and six other freaking kids Nadya Suleman is going to be dropping by The View next week.

Whoop dee $h!t.

Nadya Suleman will be a guest on the hit program that has made her lifestyle and her children a frequent topic of debate for the better part of a year now.

The general consensus: She sucks. And is insane.

Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd begin grilling her dumb ass (hopefully) Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Vagina = Clown Car

Oh, but apparently it is.

Despite gaining international attention last year for giving birth to octuplets, the second full set of octuplets born alive in the U.S., Nadya Suleman had six kids already.

She conceived all 14 kids by in vitro fertilization and has no f*%king job. Although that may change, at long last, if she is given a gig she's seeking as a game show host.

Yes, really.

Quite the example to set and way to contribute to society, Nads. The octuplets turned one year old in January. The city of La Habra, Calif., is slowly going bankrupt.

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I think ya'll need to worry about making sure YOUR kids are taken care of and not what and how many kids she's having, as a black lady ....in the older days (OLDER DAYS) they had kids out the butt...it's for you to tell her not to have any more kids...Who are you to say that and if the Lord see fix for your to grow more fruit on the tree that's between her and the LORD...just you some business and find something to do besides judging people may goodness


i wonder if she will spin the same shit i just saw in a mag that she didnt need to have plastic surgery on her stomach she did it all by herself LMFAO even her stretch marks disappeared with the hard work she put in to her situps LMFAO




I hope this won`t be another candy-a$$ pandering of her incessant lies. Somebody needs to step up to the plate, ask her the REAL questions and not settle for psycho-babble answers. Do your homework, ladies of The View! We`re counting on you.


Right On!