Octomom on The View: Painful, Likely Unstable

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In case you had doubts that Nadya Suleman is bat$h!t insane, and royally sucks in general, consider them cleared up thanks to her visit to The View today.

Dressed in a low-cut mini-dress with go-go boots, definitely appropriate attire for the mother of half the U.S. population, Octomom babbled incoherently.

We're talking even more than usual!

The hosts asked about her exercise regimen and showed published Nadya Suleman pictures showing the drain on society wearing a small bathing suit.

Octomom's more conservative attire.

Octomom said of that photo shoot, “I did this for revenue. I’m very up front about that.” She then denied doing it for money and said her babies come first.

So it went, asserting one thing one minute, denying it the next, acting generally unstable and mixing in painfully annoying hyena laughs for good measure.

So unnerved were hosts Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd that they insinuated how Nads is probably not right in the head. Octomom proceeded to tweak out.

Follow the jump for a video of Octomom on The View ...


No wonder she is like that, 14 kids and no husband to yell at when frustrated! She needs alot of help and support hopefully she has kind loving helpful people around her and her children.


I watched and the visit justified that she is certifiable! She is insane. I like that work MANIC, that is exactly what she is. Nervous people don't react that badly. She was all over the place. I really feel sorry for her family and all those children and I would like to know where she gets all the money to raise these kids and to look after herself. What SINGLE Mom of 14 babies has time for visits to New York to be on the View and she did it for free?


I just can't take my eyes off of Whoppi. She seems just on the brink of saying something (watch her hands as she is thinking about interjecting some comment) but is repelled by the clearly obvious manic swing of octomom. This would be almost hysterically funny except for that she is raising 16 children in this condition. Profoundly sad actually. Something appears to be terribly wrong with her.


CRAZY, thats all I have to say!!


The woman is certifiable. WTH!!!!!

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